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  • In My Feelings | Harry Styles
    68.9K 1.4K 9

    *female reader insert fic* You and Harry exist in the same friend group--and barely tolerate each other. Each night out is filled with snarky comments and arguments that go quickly from mumbled insults so full on fighting--even after he kisses you. An enemies to lovers fic filled with banter, fashion, sex, and major...

    Completed   Mature
  • fade in, fade out [h.s.]
    10.9K 639 12

    From the first moment Nora Priestley met Harry Styles, she knew that they were never destined to be friends. Coming from two separate worlds is putting it far too lightly-considering Harry's family owned a massive real estate empire and Nora and her mother were otherwise known as the help. Working hard to get what she...

  • less than lovers (h.s.)
    76.3K 2.6K 16

    "less than lovers, more than friends." in which harry and jonesy are best friends who date everyone but each other.

  • The Deal
    607K 19.2K 37

    All Harry wanted was to get over his best friend's girl. All Nova wanted was to get over her traumatic past. So, they made a deal. But, this deal may end up being a bit more than they bargained for. WARNING: Sexually graphic. Themes of violence, drugs, and alcohol. May be subject to feels. *Gigi is only a face claim...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiwi // H.S. // A.U.
    17.3M 299K 70

    18+ / Very Mature "Please, this is like cliche-central. With a kinky twist." ††† I step under the hot stream of water, soaking my hair, and take a deep breathe. I try and clear my mind, focusing on the way the water feels hitting my body. I turn around, opening my eyes, only to shout out a curse and stumble back. Emma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil's Due [h.s.]
    15.8M 321K 82

    Devil's Due: To acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked. Harry Styles, the brooding and intolerable tattoo parlour owner, meets River, a stubborn and somewhat oblivious girl, who just doesn't understand the reasoning behind his nefarious ways but is determined to find out. River co...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rockstar Next Door (h.s)
    96.3K 2.2K 35

    "I'm not a fucking groupie for god's sake, I have a signed contract proving that I'm your damn neighbor," I hissed, keeping my arms firmly onto my chest as if his intimating eyes weren't already enough to make me feel little. Harry arched his brow, a sly - but playful grin lingering on his face. "Bullshit, you're ei...

  • seraphic [h.s]
    213K 7.3K 69

    1988. Self discovery wasn't something that came easy to Mabel, in fact, she'd refused to deal with the matter since decisions seemed to always be made for her. She wasn't sure how she'd ever get by, living in the small suburban town within Los Angeles. Although one thing she did know, her sister was coming back to t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always, Alice
    3.7K 135 27

    Harry leaned in closer to her, his eyes moving down from her eyes to her lips as a loose curl fell effortlessly from his hair down onto his forehead and his body got closer to hers. He hovered there for a moment before asking her, 'Is this okay?' Alice loves her job. Working in the school she herself grew up in is suc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vigilante | H.S.
    2.4M 53K 102

    The city's best hitman and a precious little flower meet at Le papillon blue, New York's most notorious strip club. An angel on his shoulder that hes going to drag down to hell with him, what could go wrong? // I stood there, watching her. I was entranced; a lucid dream maybe. My blood seemed to heat every time she mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Opposites Attract || H.S ||
    6.4K 225 6

    Sage was a girl who didn't need many friends or to go go out and party every night. She preferred to be sitting in front of a canvas or laying in bed with a good book. Harry on the other hand loved having everyone's attention on him when he walked into a room. He loved any kind of adrenaline rush he could get. They sa...

  • Moonlight [H.S]
    114K 3.1K 64

    "Why are you such a fucking douche bag?" "The same reason you're such a bitch." // Thea Knight is a 20 year old trying to live through summer after college and hide from her problems like a normal person. However, in her words, her annoying ass neighbor is making that impossible. **this story contains strong sexual...

  • Sweet Little Lies
    584K 24.2K 80

    Mature/18+ Trigger Warnings included All her life, Ivy Malone has known what her family was. She grew up in the deep, unforgiving world of the mob. Ivy hates her position in life, knowing that her life was never fully hers. Harry Styles was cold. He trusted almost no one, especially his family. He had learned quickly...

  • Symphonies in E Minor
    40.8K 3.5K 32

    After several scandals, Harry Styles, famed composer, is outcast from Manchester society with just enough money to last him half a year. As if it's fate, Aaliyah Kincaid, a runaway from Scotland, seeks him out and asks him to be her piano instructor. After reluctantly agreeing, he finds that there is much to Miss Kinc...

    Completed   Mature
  • gravity
    39.7K 1.4K 7

    (y/n) hated physics while harry loved it, but both of them have a couple of secrets.