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    "All I've ever needed was your company" Start: 4/25 End 7/24

    Completed   Mature
  • Teach Me a Lesson
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    sequel to dysfunction

  • N•E•V•E•R
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    "Never had a nigga who protects me, Everyday with you is like a blessing. Never had a nigga show me love, Never had a nigga I could trust, no." #1- beyoncé hashtag #1- nickiminaj hashtag

  • Dysfunction
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    Beynika g!p Beyoncé couldn't be any more different than Onika but with love, family, friends and drama in the way; they were just alike. After so much hurt, they knew the love would never fade and honestly, they didn't know if they wanted it to. At least they have one thing in common. We're not so different when our h...

  • What A Christmas
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    Where have you been?

  • Her Assistant (BEYNIKA) [COMPLETED]
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    Nicki is forced to get an assistant after everything gets a little too much after her debut in the music industry. When Beyoncé becomes Nicki's assistant she wonders if she'll be able to handle her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Me Away
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    Based off of oneshot😊

  • Mine
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    Sequel to Stolen.

    Completed   Mature
  • Stolen
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    Money is the root of all evil, it also seems to be the cause of betrayal and heartbreak. One lady will soon face this harsh reality.

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  • In Silence
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  • Come Back To Me [BEYNIKA]
    6.7K 422 7

    Beyoncé and Nicki had the perfect relationship. Both college students, about to graduate and known as the cutest couple. Everything was going perfect for them until, the unpredictable happened...

  • if you need me (BEYNIKA)
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    Onika Maraj was a nurse that worked at a hospital in her hometown of Queens, NYC. Her life was normal, until she got a new patient named Beyoncé.

  • Partners (BEYNIKA) [COMPLETED]
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    Beyoncé joins a strip club in order for her to make her own money to stop being dependant on her abusive boyfriend. What happens when she meets Barbie?

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  • Pretty Is II (BEYNIKA)
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    5 years later, Beyoncé and Nicki are still engaged. Why is that?

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    Nicki (Onika) Maraj, 25, works at the strip club all night every night to support her two twins. Beyoncé, 28, is a player with a tough front involved with the drug business. What happens when these two lives clash? Read to find out!

    Completed   Mature