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  • Blush | Graphic Contests
    40.9K 2.7K 99

    Come one, come all! We have food! No, we are not trying to bribe you! Psh. Why would we want to do that? Now that you're here, let's have some fun, shall we? @GraphicsNation is presenting ... drum-roll please ... Graphic Contests. Dun, dun, dun. Yes, people! We are going to host weekly Graphic Contests...

  • First Graphic Contest
    21.9K 1.8K 98

    Where lovers of graphics come to enter and showcase their art. All is welcome and there are a lot of prizes up for grabs. Hope you have fun!! Love, -Ax Rankings: #454 in Random 20/11 #501 in Random 13/11 #595 in Random 4/11

  • The Cover Crown
    566 59 1

    A coronation is in place. The Round Table has decided to pass the Royal Crown to a few worthy winners. This tournament will begin with small drills complete with prompts which will prepare you for the time spears clash. A wide range of graphics will be explored within these contests, ranging from different cover styl...

  • Terrifying Tournaments
    318 36 2

    Do you have the next big Horror/Mystery/Thriller book? Do you think it can win you a bunch of cool prizes? Find out now by entering Terrifying Tournaments!

  • The Fairytale Community's 2016 Retelling Awards [closed]
    19.2K 402 6

    CLOSED All you need to know about the Watty Award style contest that is just for retellings and stories heavily inspired by fairytales, folk tales, legends, myths, nursery rhymes, historical figures, and classic novels or plays! Fondly called the FCRAs for short. To enter your retelling in our contest, take a look at...

    19.6K 819 30

    [ closed ]; #218 in Random - 8/5/16

  • Graphics Competition
    24.8K 1.7K 23

    Unlike our cover contests, Graphics Competitions take in a huge number of participants at once, and, through the course of ten different rounds, eliminates people one by one until we have a champion! Do you think you could win? Go inside to find out!

  • Cover contests [CLOSED]
    30.8K 2.1K 99

    Do you like making covers? Are you good in editing? In graphics? This contest is for you! Not only prizes, but for you to improve in anyway! JOIN NOW! #38 6/19/16

  • WP's Cover Contest
    2.5K 163 7

    For those people who loves to make covers, Obssesed with arts and designs, Has a wild imaginations and creativity, A cover maker or a graphic designer, And lastly, people that want to be challenge. Well you come to the right places!! Join on our COVER CONTEST. ------------------------------------------------------- HO...

  • Next Big Recognition Contest
    129K 7.3K 127

    This is a contest designed to help expose your novel to the greater Wattpad community. Whether you just joined Wattpad or have been an active member for years, the sole purpose of this contest is to assist in the recognition of your book. NBR'S CURRENT CHAMPION REVIEWER: @LLMontez Testimony: I am floored at the level...

  • Anti-Procrastination | Closed
    3.4K 219 23

    Welcome to Anti Procrastination! A place to encourage writers to stay on track with their writing schedules, gain support, and kick that laziness in the butt! Everyone on Wattpad struggles with uploading on a regular basis, but struggle no more because this is Anti Procrastination, and we WILL kick that lazy attitude...

  • Badasses Meet LGBT+ Contest
    4.5K 163 6

    The official BadassReads and LGBT+ collaborative writing contest! Please see contest details before entering!