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  • Last Train Home (5SOS and 1D)
    11.4K 502 84

    5SOS and 1D Crossover Moving to a university along with her five best pals, Victoria Hale was ready to take on the world and she knew she wouldn't be alone. As she gets to know the life as a freshman and a long way from home, she meets Ashton. Two separate worlds collide and in the midst of the twists and turns, could...

  • Sooner or Later (Feat. 1D and 5SOS)
    65.1K 1.5K 21

    [CURRENTLY ON HOLD] Emma Walters is a thirteen-year-old girl who, like most kids her age, can't wait to grow up. Harry Styles is one of the most popular boys in high school. He's charming, gorgeous, and seventeen. The two meet at a high school house party, and Emma swears it's love at first sight. When she finally cap...

  • Forgotten Memories (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)
    155K 4.9K 12

    (Sequel to He Changed Me) What do you do when you are told that you have amnesia? I laughed in the doctor's face. How could I have forgotten my memory when I remembered everything? My name is Natalie Malik and I attend London Fine Arts Academy. I'm perfectly fine except for the fact that I have the rest of One Direct...

  • It's Australia Mate - With One Direction
    166K 3K 40

    17 year old girl named Lily gets kicked out of her home after trying to help her sister. She packs her bags and goes to the closest hotel and gets the last apartment. She walks in to find it to be a split apartment and the other residents are already in. The residents are One Direction. Does she keep living there? And...

  • He Changed Me (One Direction)
    881K 18.9K 28

    Meet Natalie Malik. She is Zayn Malik's twin sister. Natalie hasn't seen her brother in two years because she attends London Fine Arts Academy. For the summer, she is moving into Zayn's flat. She has a bad past, though. An old boyfriend ruined her life and made her gain trust issues. Her old best friend turned the who...

  • Rockstar 101 (One Direction)
    1.3M 27.8K 50

    When Carter was younger, her father told her she was a terrible singer. After that, she gave up singing completely. Her best friend, Riley, forces her to try out for the UK's X Factor. She receives three yes's from the judges and is sent to boot camp. On her audition, she meets a guy named Louis Tomlinson. Carter does...

  • Pat the Dog, Screw the Lightbulb, Kiss the Girl.-Louis Tomlinson Fan Fic
    287K 2.1K 41

    A text, a bunch of best friends and an incredibly hot bunch of guys from a boy-band is how my life, and my four best friends lives changed forever. Hi, I'm Gabby Cook, I have four best friends, all individual, all great and fun to be with, I'm 17, turning 18, and the 2nd youngest in my group. But what will change an o...

  • Stuck with you (One Direction Fan Fiction)
    344K 7K 48

    Getting stuck in an elevator was not on the top of her list of things to do. But meeting five incredibly hot guys in an makes the whole situation a little better. Cat had a pretty normal-ish life. She was living with her best friend in a flat in London and waiting for University to start up again. After...

  • That One Text
    7.4M 140K 51

    Anna Shay is a normal 18 year old girl who lives in London. She shares a small flat with her best-friend Elka. These best-friends have been through everything together from the beginning. They are there for each other when needed. Anna has a job at a sweets store while Elka has one at the shoe store in the same plaza...