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  • "Care to dance?" | Tommyinnit x Reader|
    30.6K 995 25

    "How do you feel about Fairies?" "I'm not supposed to be talking to you..." "Care to dance?" "You can't be here!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't own any of these Characters, only the plot line...I think. I really thought about this in the shower. HE IS A MINOR SO NO SMUT!!!...ew If any of the people...

  • fools || Tommyinnit x reader
    4.2K 157 11

    DREAM SMP KINGDOMS AU "I think I'm in love with you, and I'm terrified" 𝓘𝓝 𝓦𝓗𝓘𝓒𝓗 - TommyInnit is the prince of the kingdom of L'manburg. The kingdoms of L'manburg and Kinoko Kingdom have been at war for hundreds of years. It was finally time to end the fighting. Tommy is on a walk and ends up falling for the...

  • 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 (Ranboo x Fem Reader)
    46.9K 1.2K 47

    Y/N's alarm started playing, Ranboo jolting awake and Y/N reaching around him to dismiss the alarm. She looked down at him and her face flushed, "It's 6- you have to leave or we're both fucked." "U-understood." NO SMUT, he is a minor (And so am I). This story is largely based off of my own interests and such (singing...

  • staying with a stranger / georgenotfound x reader fanfiction
    236K 8.8K 38

    y/n gets stuck in London after losing their passport. In their franticness, they call their friend Clay, who seems to have a solution. He has a friend named George who lives nearby who could take y/n in. y/n has no choice but to say yes, so now they have plans to stay with a stranger for three months, without even kno...

  • Late nights and missed messages (TommyInnit X Reader)
    50.1K 1.3K 22

    A story where you're Wilbur's younger sister. You had plans to be 'shown off' one day to Wilbur's stream, but all plans go off the rails with just one miss click. Please don't read if you are younger than 14 or older then 17. Tommy is a minor!! !!No smut Tommy (and other's in this book) are minors!! If anyone in this...

  • My Sons
    6.9K 432 8

    Claiming Kim Taehyung's twins.

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Another High School Story (DNF)
    209K 8K 38

    Dream lived the life that anyone wanted. Popular in school, and quarterback for the football team. George was the president of the chess team, played guitar in a band, and the schools most promising student. The two were more alike then they or anyone else thought but will that be enough to fix what was broken long a...

  • MCYT preferences
    181K 3.1K 77

    I will be slowing down on uploads bc I have 50 chapters, unless I get requests people included are: - Dream - George - Sapnap - BBH - Karl - Quackity - Wilbur - Tommy - Tubbo - Ranboo (please don't sexualize this, thanks) ANY ART USED ISNT MINE, IT IS ALL FOUND ON PINTEREST, IF I CAN FIND THE ARTIST I WILL CREDIT T...

    147K 1.6K 22

    on hiatus until further notice awooga block men/women/people just a bunch of imagines and preferences of mcyts requests are open 10k reads - 3/17/2021 20k reads - 4/1/2021 30k reads - 4/12/2021 40k reads - 4/19/2021 70k reads - 5/25/2021 80k reads - 6/14/2021 100k reads - 7/27/2021 #52 in quackityhq - 2/5/2021 #22 in...

  • The Sleepy One (Sbi royal au)
    22.3K 989 57

    honestly im just doing this for the sake of being bored also cause I enjoy writing. This is a sbi royal au fic. The trigger warnings will be in each chapter in the start and where the TW starts. It will also have a mark when it ends. ------------------------------------------------------ Tommy gets kidnapped by a sm...

  • •𝚁𝚒𝚟𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐• (DNF fanficition)
    230K 7.9K 62

    Two kingdoms, a little rivalry between the people, two lonely princes, one small party. Some don't believe in faith, some don't believe in soulmates, and some don't believe in love at first sight. For Prince Clay and Prince George, it was the same, they didn't believe in faith, soulmates, and love at first sight. Unti...

  • Paint My World || Ranboo x !fem Reader
    210K 7.7K 32

    Y/N is a talented artist in the Kingdom of Enderia. There, a faceless prince lives and according to rumors, once you see his face, you're dead. Dead as in dead but Y/N learns that it isnt true at all. Ranboo is a prince who's face has been hidden from everyone but why? No one really knows. Ranboo has lived inside the...

  • Thorns and Alliums ~ Dream SMP X Reader ~ After Series
    17.4K 814 17

    This is one of the after series for Whispers and Invisible Threads! "Being revived wasn't as nice as I thought it would be. Especially with a broken heart after watching the person you love go insane." Suddenly, the trip to the afterlife you thought was permanent is now over with Wilbur and Tommy revived with you. As...

  • Invisible Threads ~ Dream SMP x Reader ~ Book II
    165K 7.1K 54

    "And if I was going to fall, I would bring the world down with me for those I loved." You've fought in the wars, battled your own friends, but that was just the beginning. Old allies are changing, forming new, unlikely ones. And in a world full of strings, you better pull on the right ones or even your supernatural po...

  • Whispers ~ Dream SMP War x Reader
    454K 13.7K 54

    She was breathing power, not just because of her strange supernatural powers, but because she was determined. And so was he. War is among us. L'manburg wants their independence, but you want them crushed even more. Use your supernatural powers to survive. And don't ever forget your friends. Warnings- blood/violence a...

  • •Trust Me•(Dream x Fem Reader)
    56.4K 1.5K 23

    You had been sitting, observing, as L'manberg and the Dream SMP constantly fought each other. It gave you enough time to prepare. Enough time to prepare to take over not just L'manberg, but the Dream SMP too. You were going to take everyone down. But things don't go according to plan... TW: FORMS OF ANXIETY AND DEREAL...

  • Care (Dream x f!reader) (DISCONTINUED)
    64.5K 1.5K 37

    DISCONTINUED!! Dream x reader, in the dsmp world Tw: swearing, maybe some gore and a lot of intrusive thoughts Y/N is a member of L'manburg, and Will and Tommy's sister, but slowly falls for the enemy, it's a complicated relationship, but they make it work in the end

  • Inner Wars II DreamWasTaken x Reader
    39.7K 1.6K 6

    "She's too... unladylike my Prince." "Don't you get it George? That's why he's infatuated with her." A Royal AU about Dream and the reader :)

  • lovely neighbour | tommyinnit
    3.1M 102K 44

    "I'd jump in the cadillac with you," I jokingly said. "Oh shove off," he replied as he turned away to hide his smile. u should just read the story u can click off if u happen to not like it ;)

  • bandana - a sapnap x reader story
    10.4K 347 13

    y/n is niki's sister and is a VERY powerful warrior of l'manburg. some may even say the best warrior. however, when she comes across the dream team what happens when a certain boy wearing a bandana catches her eye? this is a sapnap x reader minecraft au lowercase intended no smut any fanarts are not by me :)

  • Baby Daddy | p.jimin [COMPLETED]
    3.3M 167K 38

    "It all began when he asked me to breastfeed his baby" Jimin wakes up with a hangover and a random baby besides him. With no recollection of the night before, he must find out how he ended up with this strange creature whilst trying to keep it alive. With the reluctant helping hand from the grumpy girl next door, they...

  • On the other side. (DreamWasTakenxReader)
    94.5K 2.7K 24

    Dream, the enemy of L'manburg, and Y/N, a civilian in L'manburg. What could possibly go wrong when war has broken out, love has risen from the ashes, and feuds between members keep happening? Exactly, everything went wrong. (No, this will not follow the exact plot of the DreamSMP. No, I am not a good writer. Do I know...

  • Our War // dream x reader
    78.9K 2.6K 28

    Y/N is a ruthless killer. She moves from place to place, never settling, never belonging.... Until she came across L'manberg. Training them to fight day by day, she kept inside the walls, being the suprise weapon against the infamous Dream Team. She had never seen them before but been told many stories and shown many...

  • 2 warriors, 1 war
    45.1K 1.2K 24

    Sapnap x f! reader SMP AU- When y/n, a L'Manburg warrior, stumbles across Sapnap, a Dream Team warrior, they realise that they have much more in common than war. Will this connection lead to something more? I haven't seen many Sapnap x reader books so here I am, making one. !! COVER ART IS NOT MINE !! Highest ranks so...

  • never lied (dwt x fem reader)
    23.9K 515 33

    l'manberg is a great place to live, beautiful people, great sights, great food, everything is wonderful, but what if you haven't left those walls in 20 years? swearing, long chapters. *A/N l'manberg is in its original state the smp and l'manberg are real places in this story, nothing mc related may be following th...

  • The Summer I Drowned (Wattpad Books Edition)
    50.8K 1.3K 34

    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. The past always resurfaces . . . Five years after almost drowning, Olivia Cathart returns home to Caldwell Beach determined to face her fears and take some risks-not just by swimming but by opening her heart. Hoping to rekindle her friendships, she's excited about a carefree summer with her best...

  • We Almost Weren't Liars (We Were Liars)
    2.8K 72 4

    What would have happened if Clairmont had never burned down? How would the aunties reacted? What would have happened between Gat and Cadence? I am not E.Lockheart only an adoring fan.

  • we were liars 🔥{ quotes }
    1.1K 82 11

    Hello everyone 🌸 Hope you are having a beautiful day! I'm back with another quotes book! This one is for " we were lairs " by E.Lockhart I'm sure you'll enjoy reading 💫💫 Thank you munchkins 💜 Note: Cover is from Pinterest, I didnt make it.

  • mulberry lane ; fillie & cadie
    7.9K 395 9

    ❝I'll make this summer unforgettable and that's a promise❞

  • Dead, Not Gone (A "We Were Liars" Fanfiction)
    2.5K 59 4

    {Warning: Contains Massive Spoilers For E. Lockhart's Novel 'We Were Liars'; Do Not Read If You Have Not Finished The Book} Cadence is gripping life again. Her mother celebrates knowing that her hallucinations are gone, she's found a new love interest, she has stopped giving away all of her possessions, and she's even...