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  • TCF
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    Trash of the Count's Family Chapter 1-776 Part 1 - Birth of A Hero This is for offline purposes. I do not own this work. All rights reserved ©Yoo Ryeo Han

  • The Twin Sister [TCF Story]
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    Cale Henituse's was a trashy young master. He was trash and everyone knows it. He was beaten to a pulp because of it. Everyone knows that he has a father, a dead mother, a stepmother, a stepbrother, and a half-sister. That was written in the Birth of the Hero. - - - But why does he have a twin sister here?! ---- The s...

  • The Reunion
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    FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF. THERE'S FLUFF IN IT! Team leader Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Rok Soo meet again, but in a different world. After the defeat of white star, Cale Henituse decides to take a vacation in Endable kingdom. But little does his comrades know, he is actually on a quest to find his beloved hyung / team leader who ha...

  • The Day When Cale Henituse Suddenly Turned Into a Girl
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    One day Kim Rok Soo suddenly transmigrated into Cale Henituse, trash of the count family's body. Even though he's a trash, he's also known as one of the most handsome man in Roan Kingdom. No- He was. It's because one day, Cale Henituse suddenly turned into a girl and become the most beautiful girl in Roan Kingdom. Roa...

  • Songfic? I'm not sure... 🤷‍♀️
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    The songs I've been listening everyday, kinda make me match it with the character of what I wrote in "How Cale Henituse Changes his Future"

  • Please...Never again
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    Cale could see his companions falling. He could not see them anymore. No, he couldn't bear to see them anymore. He couldn't ever bear to see them like that again. **** Kekeke this might be a bit cringe but anyways.

  • Unlucky Twins [TCF]
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    This is a story about Og! Cale, who has experienced everything from the death of his mother, followed by his family, countless wars, and, in the end, despair. However, a God was willing to help, with a price, of course. Follow me in narrating the lives of Cale Henituse and Kim Rok Soo, now known as Kim Henituse. This...

  • All for you
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    where the companions were teleported to a theater and reacting to Cale's past. Warning! English is not my first language. If there is any grammatical error i'm sorry Art is not mine. Credit to LeChatLunaire on DeviantArt MY AU •in this story drew thames didn't exist •instead of marrying violan after cale's mother deat...

  • Fuck Our Fate [TCF/LCF Fanfiction]
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    A story in which our beloved main character and villain were stuck in a time loop and decided to make the best of it by traveling across endless worlds as twins while fucking with the other characters. They're basically messing with fate and doing whatever they want while an obsessed and devoted Choi Han and Ancient W...

  • [ON HOLD] Defenestration (AlbeCaleChoi)
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    Defenestration(n.) - the act of throwing someone out of a window. Cale looked at his appearance in front of a mirror, annoyance can be seen. "At this point, someone just kill me please. So that I can finally rest peacefully." Alberu sipped his newly made tea, his current appearance not suitable for his noble actions...

  • The Time When Cale's Question About Eruhaben Having A Secret Love Child Backfire
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    The three awkwardly stared at each other. The man was staring at the two children, the other had a similar red hair like him while the other one had ash blonde hair but had the same reddish- brown eyes as him. The three of them characteristically blinked owlishly at how the three of them had looked similar. Too simila...

  • In Case You Don't Live Forever
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    >[[COMPLETED]]< Everything comes with a price. That is the basic knowledge in the world. Years after the war, the redhead had finally reached his dream of slacking off. Yet he did not know it will come to this. Former Commander Cale Henituse is dying, and everyone realized it too late.

  • The Place Where I Belong
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    What if Cale didn't transmigrate to Kim Rok Soo's body, and what if Lee Soo Hyung and Choi Jung Soo died early, leaving Kim Rok Soo alive. Because of one deal made by a trusted friend, Kim Rok Soo will meet a young boy he will first think of as his son but soon find out that he is the said trash in the count's family...

  • TCF Fanfic: React
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    A story where the TCF! and TBOAH! casts (both enemies and allies), Kim Rok Soo (og! Cale), Lee Soo Hyuk, and Choi Jung Soo react to the past, present, and future. ~~~ Spoiler Alerts! As this book is a reaction story, there will be plenty of s...

  • sing a song for a day perhaps
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    so Cale is bored it's been a year after the white star being dead and a year after Cale still don't find hes slacker life hes been dreaming of everyone is busy on their on work even after the world is in peace when he sitting alone on the garden he sudenly singing a song of hes view on hes new life unawere the eyes th...

  • The Crazy one of the Twins (Trash of the Count's Family)
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    What if Cale Henituse has a twin, who isn't lazy or Cale/Kim Rok Soo? The twin is a bastard and sadist, who smiles at other's pain (the enemies). This person is merciless and will help his dear brother carry out his revenge and plans with no problem. Did i mentioned that they are a transmigrator too? What mess will h...

  • T͙r͙a͙s͙h͙ o͙f͙ t͙h͙e͙ C͙o͙u͙n͙t's͙ F͙a͙m͙i͙l͙y͙ "Favorite Lines & Quotes." TCF
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    🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀🌹🥀 | Q U O T E S | L I N E S | TRIVIA | MMVs| etc.. 🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲 ⚪⚫🔴🔵⚪⚫🔴🔵⚪⚫🔴🔵⚪⚫🔴🔵 TRASH OF THE COUNT'S FAMILY Amazing story & characters! I love how the author took a sort of 'basic' and popular idea with reincarnation and just made it completely or...

  • Trash In A Duke's Family
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    story of trash count cale henituse. disclaimer: The novel isn't mine, the translations and the art cover. Please tell me if it offends you for me to stop posting chapters. Thank you. Everything here is for only personal due to offline purposes.

  • 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐎𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭'𝐬 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲: 악마/𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍
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    He didn't know that his soul was shared with another in a different life. Both had bitter beginnings and he could only see the other like a dream that continued as he struggled with the numbness of living. Alas, he has to accept his reality after dying and awakened in a fantasy novel he only read to the 300th chapter...

  • Arcanus
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    Cale Henituse, a famous trash and alcoholic. No one in this world know the real Cale. Everyone in this world thinks that Cale is just a rich troublemaker. But is that really the truth?

  • Lethe
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    Summary: "The only way for this world to survive is for The White Star's curse to be removed." Oneshot.

  • Dangerous love(r) (TCF Fanfic)
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    TCF Fanfiction Beacrox X Cale "The way he enjoys the food that i serve. The way he smiles after he tastes the food. The way he praises me. I don't think i can endure no more, because the way he accepts the food that i make... Is similar to the way he accepts my love" -beacrox

  • The Dragon and his Human
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    It was the first time he felt warmth. ... Trash of the Count's Family fanfiction Raon centered oneshot Character death but not explicit

  • The Thames(Discontinued)
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    It has been one year since the war with the white star. On one day Cale suddenly felt sick, it turn out he is growing wings. Eruhaben seems to know the reason. And what will it be?? --- These events does not happen it the actual fic!

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    cale asks to meet up with his hyung with a smirk! whats the worst that could happen? confessions maybe? hahah, enjoy!!! idk what i wrote.... but its probably not gonna continue. just a one shot. credits to @Myak_save on twitter for the cover. im feeling guilty bcs i didnt ask for their permission to use the fanart...

  • Aimless Days
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    as the title suggest it's just Random some sad some that make you question your existence for a couple of seconds and some funny ish ones my sense of humor is broken. so don't expect much! haha enjoy cause all my ideas are half assed and written at like 2 in the morning I like sad things so yah I also like Alberu x C...

  • trash of the counts family
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    not my own, I love the story because it was hella amazasing so i gonna share it read in your own risk but im tell ya it was worth it......

  • Cale × Alberu | Trash of the Count's Family
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    another TCF oneshot spoilers up to chapter 627 Basically just chapters 623ish but gayer cale henituse × alberu crossman Fluff boy x boy Not an actual chapter PFFT

  • Reptilian Eyes(TOTCF fanfiction)
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    What? Red hair almost the shade of blood and green emerald reptilian eyes that gazes sharply full of confidence and arrogance. Where? A sighting of a red dragon has been recently discovered in the western continent. A young man from earth 4 where extraterrestrial and modern life had been established dead due to his la...

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    ⚠NOT SPOILER FREE⚠ so its basically all the lcf or orv shit i post on tumblr and twitter please enjoy and forgive me if there are any mistakes.