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  • Fearless?
    3.3M 88K 42

    Azelie Ryans is the definition of fearless. She will jump out of planes, hold spiders, lick any public toilet and will do any and every dare. She will do everything and everything that makes any other person feel the one emotion she no longer experiences - fear. Secrets cloud her past, making her hard to figure out, b...

  • Just What I Needed
    8.9M 104K 79

    In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one true love, music, hidden from even her best friends. But when one song changed the world she lived in, shaking it to it's very core, everything she kno...

  • Outcasts [PUBLISHED]
    22.4M 414K 43

    PUBLISHED! Now available on Amazon! [Disclaimer: due to copyright reasons, chapters have been taken down. The full book can only be accessed through purchase on Amazon. Both ebook and paperback are available] Shy, quiet, Riley Summers' life is changed once she meets Aiden Callaway, the misunderstood boy at Fairfield H...

  • Ex-Wife of a Billionaire: BOOK 2
    5.1M 182K 35

    In order to read this book, read "One Night Stand with a Billionaire" first. This story is continuation of it. ---------- Being separated from her life and forced to be someone else, Kaley starts her life far from Blake, in London. She hasn't forgotten about her name and the one that forced her to abandon it while hop...

  • New Beginnings
    27.8K 1.1K 10

    Book Three of My Fake Boyfriend By Katie Kay or Kay_Turner15 There could be... Happiness, Grief, Sadness, Joy, Fear, Love, Pain, Death, & anything eles you can think of. This is the time for new beginning's. New romances, New friendships, and first impressions all between Sienna, El...

  • Bullet
    2.7M 113K 29

    “Love’s like a bullet. It’s fast. It’s furious. Sometimes you can’t see it coming. You can run from it. But you can’t dodge it. Unless someone stands in your way…” Growing up, Callie Tollson had always admired her older brother, Clay, for being exactly who he wanted to be…despite the consequences he faced doing so. Wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boxer and The Jock?
    84.4K 2.6K 14

    Ever since she was young, she had been interested in boxing. She finally got a scholarship to some high up boarding school in America with her twin brother, the co-captain of the Hockey team. The captain is a rich spoiled boy from Wisconsin. He grew up on a mansion on the lake, and his parents moved him there so they...

  • True Love? Who Knew...
    64 5 5

    Its been 15 years since I talked to him. 15 whole year since I let go of him. Since I let the love of my life go. I've regretted it ever since. I missed his presence. More than anything. Im now 30 years old. That's all alone with nothing. And he would now be 33 years old. With a beautiful wife and everything els...

  • When The Lies Brush Past My Lips(My Fake Boyfriend: Book 2)
    146K 6K 33

    He knows only a lie. A lie that I came up with to protect my self and them from the truth. It would kill Elijah to know the truth and I couldn't let him face that kind of pain with how sick his mom is. I just couldn't tell them the truth. It would hurt the both of them in some way as Luke had become a brother like fi...

  • Fight for Her
    4.9M 146K 46

    ~~~ Ryder's face turned angry as he pushed me back up against a wall. His face hovered inches from mine. I could feel his hot breath on my lips that smelled like cinnamon. With his chest pressed up against mine, my heart was beating rapidly while he smirked and leaned closer, if that was even possible. "Don't mes...

  • The girl beneath the bruises
    1.5M 45.9K 29

    Ashley is basically the Queen of Nerds at her stereo-type filled high school, and being abused at home doesn't really help. But what happens when the most popular boy at school sees her bruises? ______________ "Here let me help." It was Jason. He was in the girls bathroom, the girls bathroom. "That's ok." I mumbled tu...

  • The Fourth Roommate
    4.5M 136K 43

    "They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old graduate, is moving out into a loft in New York. Only, she isn't moving in with any old friends or a girl going to the same universty... she's moving in with three...

  • Losing All Hope
    35.7K 804 17

    Cassandra Silverbow (Cassie) and her family was on there way so that alphas all over the place could attend a meeting about rogues. However they didn't make it to the meeting as they were involved in a car accident. Unfortunately only Cassie and her sister managed to survive. 6 months later the sisters have a huge ar...

  • Bulletproof
    47.9M 1.3M 45

    When Franny learns why former popular boy Tyler fell from grace, she gets thrown head-first into his dangerous world but also closer to his timid heart. ***** Eighteen-year-old Tyler Madden used to have everything. He was captain of the football tea...

  • My Quarterback | Book I ✔️
    3.8M 90.1K 34

    [COMPLETED] Book 1 in the Mine Series. Best friends Ellie Nichols and Colton Davis were inseparable all their lives. They stuck by each other throughout middle school and high school, all the way until they were accepted into separate colleges. Colton was offered a full scholarship for football while Ellie wanted to...

  • Nerd in Disguise: Blood Bound
    15M 494K 42

    As the only daughter to one of the most powerful Mafia families, Shay has sought to figure out her own path despite the overbearing pressures from her Family. After a family dispute leads to Shay and her mother to go into hiding, Shay attends Elite academy--her own perfect Hell. With an incredibly awful (or ingenious)...

  • A Month To Live
    897K 24.1K 48

    What would you do if you had a month to live? Raegan can't live with the pitying stares that her friends and family are giving her. She packs up her bags and leaves - moves to a new town. Forced to enroll in High School her last month looks pretty suckish. But is it really? With new friends and a love interest, her la...

  • Living With A Police Officer *Completed*
    6.8M 100K 42

    Harmony Kingston has been through more in her short life, then anyone good ever image going through. She's a homeless delinquent, always getting into trouble. When Harmony robs a drug story at the legal age of eighteen she finds herself behind bars, giving her plenty of free time to remember her past. Drew Edwards i...

  • My Life as a Walter Boy [Sample]
    15M 78.8K 6

    Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Girls. And that means living with a certain beautiful girl named Jackie. Will old feelings bubble up, or fade out forever? This story is the UNOFFICIAL sequel to t...

  • My Life with the Walter Boys [Wattpad Version]
    78.6M 1.7M 57

    NOW PUBLISHED BY SOURCEBOOKS FIRE! Sixteen-year-old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine has twelve boys, Jackie fears that living in the Walter house isn't going to be easy. It's just icing on the cake that the b...

  • Dominantly Yours (A Werewolf Tale)
    9M 292K 35

    Claire Masters is an Omega. Adopted into a poor family, she worries more about staying afloat in school and taking care of her little brother than pandering to the Mistwood Valley pack. Then Nathaniel Groves comes home. Nate, the pack Alpha, has spent the past couple years combing the country for the man who...

  • 3 Years Later
    1.1M 29.5K 19

    Forgive and forget. Those two words that she will never do because she can't and won’t. Rebekah Mathis was overweight, nerdy, and bullied by her pack. She was 16 when she was rejected by the alpha, the player, her mate - Ashton Clark. After the rejection, she ran away and found a new pack that would accept her and lov...

  • My Unnerving Step-father.
    35.5K 743 23

    Samantha Bricker is just your average, everyday high school student, trying to it through the year, her only disadvantage is her Anxiety. Her Father was murdered when she was 12 years old, leaving her with her mother and 3 siblings : Ashton, Ashley, and Mike. Just as her anxiety begins to die down, her mother meets...

  • The Rejected Returned
    2.5M 57.3K 22

    My name is Skylar, I'm 17, I am abused by my pack, they thought i killed my parents. I didn't, i was just there. I cook, I clean, I do their homework and get used as their personal punching bag, even by my brother. I am meant to shift and find my mate. I found my mate he was the Alpha. He rejected me. I ran and I foun...

  • Mistreated and Rejected
    4.7M 139K 27

    Chloe was beaten and abused by her pack. Her mate rejecting her is the last straw. Unable to deal with it all she runs away. Meeting a new pack and friends, she rebuilds her life. Becoming tougher and stronger she and her new pack have to go help her old pack with a hunter problem. Will she forgive her brother for tre...

  • you rejected me so I'm moving on
    468K 12.7K 24

    "Your weak and I can't have a weak mate so I reject you"he spoke. Sammatha had been waiting for the day she found her mate but when she did it didn't goes as planed. Her Foster dad beats her and her two friends only knows. With his rejection she wanted to die but Lizzy, her friend, cousin comes to visits he turns her...

  • Unbound (The Hard Mate / Bound To You sequel)
    28.5M 11.1K 27

    Megan thought she had her happy ending. She was wrong. James and her might have completed their mate bond but he's still distant and cold. And external forces are threatening the pack. A witch clan is coming for Lucy, a group of werewolf hunters are in town and to top it off Boston pack's alpha is planning to reveal t...