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  • Never Ever After (Ekis Babies #1)
    1M 47.9K 70

    Merry Arisa Salonga had told herself that she had moved on already. But one drunken night, she found herself chatting her ex-boyfriend-Alexis Remus. It was stupid of her but she was drunk, okay? But what was more stupid was... she drunk-messaged the wrong guy! Alexis Ran Crowell was busy minding his own life when she...

  • After Ever After (Ekis Babies #2)
    662K 29.7K 61

    She almost lost him but this time, Merry Arisa Salonga was willing to take a chance to hear him out. She was willing to face her fears because the inevitable had happened-she fell for him. He would do everything just to make her stay. Once Alexis Ran Crowell caught the glimpse of light with her, he never wanted to liv...

  • Fairy Tale Fail (Ekis Babies #3)
    356K 21.3K 67

    Joyce Ann Silang was contented with her life. She was happy with her books and anime. But one embarrassing encounter with him changed her life and she knew it wasn't for the best. Wade Yozon knew it wasn't easy getting close to her. She built a wall around herself but Wade was willing to make her defenses fall; brick...

  • Loving You At Your Lowest (Ekis Babies #4)
    345K 23.7K 63

    Micaela Grace Osete knew loving him would break her and her heart but she wanted to try. She knew loving him would hurt but he was worth it. Because he deserved to be loved. Hel Niño Delgado had always waited and wished for M to love him back. But then, she came. She wasn't what he wished for but she was everything h...

  • Almost Mine (Ekis Babies #5)
    334K 25.7K 67

    Arzilea Madrigal had always been crushing over her brother's friend. But he never saw her more than the little sister of his best friend. But she was persistent because she knew he was the one. She held on. Connor Arke knew what he was feeling wasn't right. He knew she deserved someone better; someone not him. But his...