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  • Tail of Love
    64 16 14

    Under the surface of vast ocean, where corals and shipwrecks learned to benefit each other, there lies a grandiose and prolific kingdom swarmed by countless mermaids and mermen. Behind it's beauty, the kingdom is on its nearing downfall caused by the death of the recent king and the covert threat of the long-living Ku...

  • Small Enough To Fit In Your Heart (BETA TESTING)
    480 50 41

    Andrew Reyes, a graduating junior high school student, finds himself revisiting the life he has forgotten. Creating connections and friendships, he becomes acquainted with a tall soft-hearted classmate, Aiden Pelaez. Unprecedentedly lighting up a spark in their friendship, it results in one boy denying his feelings an...

  • Jack of All Trade
    67 2 27

    Lawrence Bansagi has always grown an affinity for board games and card games that he opened his own cafe highlighting the beautiful games that he has collected over the years. His most prized possession is a dusty silver-colored card given to him by Sauren Lathatan, his schoolmate who conveniently appears everytime da...

  • Ang Hindi Masabi (BXB)
    312 44 7

    Owning the title of being the number one hip-hop dancer on his campus, Kris has gone egocentric. Until Liam flips his self-centered world who's a muted contemporary dancer that is known to have many achievements more than Kris has. As a result of his fear of getting outranked by Liam, Kris explored all the possible...

  • To Yohann (BxB)
    473 95 36

    Love confession is the most romantic way a person can show his/her affection towards the person he/she likes. Pero ang katorpehan ni Zacheous ang malaking hadlang sa gagawin niyang love confession. A girl caught her attention but he's coward enough not to ask her name. Pero ayon sa kaibigan niya, Yohan, base sa pagkak...

  • To (Not) Fall In Love
    547 74 23

    Si Kendrick ay ipinanganak na may supernatural ability. Ngunit kaiba sa mga taong may six sense na nakakakita ng mga multo, siya ay nakakakita ng mga imaginary threads. Ang mga imaginary threads na ito ay ang magtatakda kung sino ang magiging soulmate ng isang tao. Dahil sa kanyang pagkamuhi sa ideya ng pag-ibig ay gi...

  • Sunset in your Heart
    164 30 24

    I can almost see the Sunset my love, the roar of cannons filled the air. I'm afraid to let you go. Once the war is over, you promised to hold me forever. Where are you now? The Sun is tired and so is my heart. The darkness is here. I couldn't bare to witness the Sunset in your Heart.

  • Sunset Diaries
    34 11 1

    Ian was on his peak of success after the movie he starred became a hit worldwide. Fame and fortune are on his grasps. Everything in his career is going smooth as how he sees it not until a sudden misfortune happened. A very sensitive issue he was involved in was dug up by haters and was served to the public. Raging ne...

  • Every Lifetime With You
    102 16 8

    Magkikita rin tayo sa tamang pagkakataon, aking Luntian

  • Blue Souls
    321 129 19

    The past 4 years have been very rough for Alec. He joined a choir halfheartedly, giving himself a chance to find a place where he belongs. His best friend Jessica says that he's multitalented and intelligent, yet lacks a bit on the social side. Talk about being #introverted. As he enters the 11th grade, he meets a boy...

  • March 2020/1 (BL)
    579 173 37

    Ito ay isang kwento na ang simula ay tungkol kay Jin, na makakatanggap ng isang balita na namatay na ang pinakaimportanteng tao sa kanyang buhay-si Chris. Namatay si Chris noong March 21, 2021. At simula noong araw na iyon, wala ng ibang ninais si Jin kundi ang makabalik sa oras at panahon upang mailigtas niya si Chri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Found You
    167 15 20

    SYNOPSIS In a society where LGBTQ+ is 'accepted' yet still made fun of, Gabrielle "Elle" Buenavista is always taken seriously. His sexuality didn't ruin any of the perfect factors of his life because unlike any other gay guys he has very supportive parents who are always by his side and the media accepted his angel-li...

  • Dead Stars and the Silhouettes of the Universe
    14 1 1

    Reagan is an Igorot lad who loves poetry, adventure, and the exceptional workings of the Universe. He has always been unique and special on his own not until he is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and has lost the hope to live. The next day, he stands at the edge of a cliff along Halsema Highway. As he c...

    252 27 14

    Miggy, an aspiring flute soloist, fights for his dreams against the tyranny of the very institution he serves. Follow his story of life, love, and music in his youthful journey and join him in discovering the hidden melody of the song in his heart with the help of his friends and his musical Hero.

  • Cahelle; A Secret Sunset
    127 3 18

    As dusk falls, the clouds are painted bright orange, the shadows of the trees and the landscapes are starting to cover the field that is clearly seen where t stood that afternoon. In that rooftop of an old and rumored to be a hunted law building. Cahelle could feel the faint heat coming from the sunset. It was once a...

  • Taste of Love
    519 93 23

    Synopsis: Charles Dominguez, is the youngest son of Darwin Dominguez the chairman of Pie in the Sky Pastry Shop. Due to his family affairs, he become a rebellious son and live in his own. He is a low profile aspiring baker, he enters a baking school in his province owned by his father's best friend who is a legend in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sun in Our Eyes
    233 108 21

    Synopsis: "A perfect love does not exist for only true love will persist." Get to know Jay Mendez; a rich and hardworking student who wishes to forget the past but it still continues to hunt him even more. A fortune teller once told him that the sun will help him uncover everything. Due to confusion, Jay disregard the...

  • Stars In Your Eyes (BoyxBoy)
    12.4K 950 39

    It is so ironic that Naveen Eren Verdian grew up in a family of musicians yet he's not interested in music. When he entered college, his parents forced him to join the university's music club. He's a good son that's why he joined the music club even though his heart belongs to photography. That's how he met the cold...

  • AWAKE [boyxboy]
    31.9K 1K 22

    This is not love story. Reality, makes this story. The love he feels is not sleeping, it is awake