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  • Heavenly | h.s.
    25.9K 1.1K 17

    Harry Styles, a secret service agent working for British intelligence is tasked with finding the killer after a series of brutal but calculated murders across Europe. His mind is sharp, he's smart, arrogant and works with a precision that leaves no room for error. Until a dangerous fascination takes place when he meet...

  • Vigilante | H.S.
    3.5M 66.9K 102

    The city's best hitman and a precious little flower meet at Le papillon blue, New York's most notorious strip club. An angel on his shoulder that hes going to drag down to hell with him, what could go wrong? // I stood there, watching her. I was entranced; a lucid dream maybe. My blood seemed to heat every time...

    Completed   Mature
  • Icarus | Z.M.
    359K 13.1K 87

    In the world of the wealthy and powerful, an angel finds herself in need of protection, she is assigned a bodyguard - a beautiful and mysterious man. A man with secrets, but one who is determined to keep such an angel safe at all costs. She is drawn to him despite her better judgement, some excitement, some light into...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ecstasy, Misery
    1M 21.5K 57

    18+ | ON HOLD BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT TO GET REALLY DEPRESSING AND I'M NOT READY *** May 2nd, 1998. Oakland, California. Nova Deville attends her Father's political rally to show her support for his Mayoral Campaign. When a group of young, masked 'outlaws' crash the rally to speak out against Deville's corruption, Nova get...

  • Devil's Due [h.s.]
    18.9M 351K 82

    Devil's Due: To acknowledge the positive qualities of a person who is unpleasant or disliked. Harry Styles, the brooding and intolerable tattoo parlour owner, meets River, a stubborn and somewhat oblivious girl, who just doesn't understand the reasoning behind his nefarious ways but is determined to find out. River co...

    Completed   Mature