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  • News At 7.30 pm ( bts ff )
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    Jungkook was hospitalized in a mental hospital which changed his life completely with 6 other young adults. BTS ff Ot7 #08 Mental disorder #89 Brotherhood #71 mental disorders #79 brotherhood #60 Mental Disorders #43 Brotherhood #59 OT7 #12 Mental Disorders #94 OT7

  • Why? (Jikook) ✔
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    "Boss is it him?" Person #1 says through the walkie talkie. "Yes the one with orange hair." Person #2 says back. "What do you want me to do with him Boss?" "Get him." Voilence: Probably Smut: Maybe Fluff: Yes Angst: Probably I'm really bad with summaries so just read and find out😂

    Completed   Mature
  • Cigarettes and Lollipops
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    "Hi! By any chance, do you wanna to join our save the turtle program? It will be a huge help if you do..." Jimin smiled at the boy with leather jacket. "And what will you do if I didn't want to?" "Well, I can give you free lollipops in exchange..." The smaller gave him a puppy look as if he's begging. "I got the best...

  • Unexpected love||Jikook story
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    "You're park jimin? nah i'll pass on that.." jungkook chuckled and walked away. (under major reconstruction!!!)

  • I Don't Like Your Boyfriend
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    A story of how Jeon Jeongguk's friends don't like single parented Park Jimin. ••• •All Rights Reserved •Started: 2-17-20 •Ended:

  • [ help me ] Jikook FF🌙completed✔️
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    Jimin is an 18-year-old boy who has lost his parents due to a train accident which left him with some serious mental problems. He has been staying in a mental hospital since he was 16, but no one has been able to help him get better and if anything he's gotten worse as each day passes on. Jungkook is 21 and he is curr...

  • stripper jjk /pjm
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    So this story talk about pjm a very know and popular in the biggest strip club in south Korea it's probably a jikook hope you guys like it it's a smut so no need to explain more😏