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  • GHOST STORY, harry potter
    2.4K 167 1

    can a heart still break if not beating?

  • BEST FRIENDS BROTHER, fred weasley
    2.1K 190 10

    "HOLY SHIT. FRED WEASLEY GOT HOT." in which odessa finch finds out that brown eyes and red hair make for a deadly combination FRED WEASLEYxFEMALE OC order of the phoenix © -witchesroses 2021 cover by me

  • KNIVES OUT, tom riddle
    1.4K 107 8

    "TOM RIDDLE IS A SAINT!" In which Gwendolyn puts her trust in the devil TOM RIDDLE ERA © -witchesroses 2021 cover by me

  • CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT, dean thomas
    3.1K 323 15

    "WHO THE HELL IS DEAN THOMAS?" In which Vivienne Greengrass finds out that the world doesn't revolve around her DEAN THOMASxFEMALE OC the half-blood prince © -witchesroses 2021 cover by me

  • THE LOUVRE, lily evans
    2K 213 4

    vera vanderbilt thinks that lily evans belongs in the louvre! FEM OC X LILY EVANS MARAUDERS ERA BOOK 3 IN THE 'HAPPY DAYS' SERIES matthiasheIvars © 2021

  • CHOCOLATE CAKE! james potter
    6.1K 606 8

    cate just wants some chocolate cake! ( and to pass transfiguration! ) FEM OC X JAMES POTTER MARAUDERS ERA BOOK 2 IN THE 'HAPPY DAYS' SERIES COVER BY @holyrollers matthiasheIvars © 2021

  • COLOGNE, remus lupin
    4.7K 406 4

    monet wilde likes the scent of remus lupin's cologne! FEM OC X REMUS LUPIN MARAUDERS ERA BOOK 1 IN THE 'HAPPY DAYS' SERIES matthiasheIvars © 2021

  • PRIMADONNA . . . harry potter
    871 74 2

    you've got that teen spirit, sugar! HARRY POTTER © nevillearts 2021

  • honeysuckle. (cedric diggory.)
    37.5K 1.9K 22

    what is beyond love? I will meet you there. cedric diggory goblet of fire extended summary inside! beautiful cover by the wonderful @SELFC0NTR0LS !!

  • AMOR FATI . . . fred weasley
    33K 2.2K 30

    Johannah Attlee'll happily swear on the universe that she never wants to grow up, ever - only with the death of her closest confidant, war looming and the teeny-tiny matter of falling in love with her best friend, the stars seem to be conspiring against her... [ extended summary inside ! ] [ gof - dh ] [ buttonmoons...