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  • Who Killed Agatha? (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.)
    713K 37.7K 32

    Sixteen-year-old Agatha, a famous author and high achiever in school, had everything to live for. That's why when she jumps to her death, her best friend questions the circumstances that lead her to the unlikeliest of people. ***** At 16, Agatha Mendoza was a very accomplished student. She was a well-kno...

  • Kismet's Perfect Fiasco
    767K 20.1K 73

    Growing up with the paramount expectations of her mother, Cygny Novessa Amorsolo's future is already devised. A robot that was designed to be successful after several years, a human caged inside the prison of her mother's concrete expectations-that's her . . . but not until kismet rewarded her a perfect fiasco. Her w...

    Completed   Mature
  • After My Death Tomorrow (Published Under PSICOM Publishing Inc.)
    198K 13.5K 61

    At the age of 16, Marco is destined to die. His fate is his greatest impediment to staying on track, keep going, and moving forward along with the waves of life. But guided by voice messages from the parallel universe, Margot, his classmate, will try to save him. She will be his burning torch as destiny continues to...

  • The Lucky Fan (Soon To Be Published Under Talking Pages)
    1.3M 33.3K 56

    Lara Alonzo, a 23-year-old waitress, has nothing to pay for the massive debt that her late father left their family. The iota of amount that she's earning is only enough for her and her little sister's daily needs. That is why she has no choice but to nod when one hard condition occurs-to become an adult entertainer a...

    Completed   Mature