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  • airplanes(Thiam)
    260K 7.6K 50

    Theo and Liam go on a road trip. Visiting places they've always wanted to go to, meeting an interesting pack along the way, cracking jokes here and there, flirting about and dealing with the minor dramas these two brew when together. But, here's the twist, neither boys expected to fall for one another. !!! NOT MY ST...

  • BULLET PROOF, issac lahey *ON HOLD*
    5.4K 352 9

    we belong together. issac lahey x female oc

  • blue. [stiles stilinski]
    97.1K 3.1K 17

    "You stupid little girl, you actually thought that he liked you?" ✿ Rue Porter, an aspiring FBI agent and a notorious pushover, agreed to attend a party with her childhood best friend Allison Argent. Although, If she knew that she would meet Stiles Stilinski that night, s...