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  • Silent Cries
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    Palestine. I have written these poems in 2015.

  • Lowkey
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    This is a collection of songs from LowKey. DISCLAIMER! I do not own any of these songs or videos. The songs were written by Lowkey, and I don't know who made these videos but it wasnt me.

  • Diary Of A 'Terrorist'
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    Maria is a 15 year-old girl living in Palestine near the Wall. Anyone getting to close to the Wall will be shot indiscriminately and with daily checkpoints restricting the Palestinians' everyday life and the threats of The Army taking away their homes, will Maria and her family survive?

  • Peace
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    Assalamoalaikum everyone! This is just a collection of random quotes, poems and articles regarding peace for Muslims. They may be my own or quoted. If they are quoted then I'll write the name of the person they belong to at the end. And yeah I suck at writing intros.

  • One Strong Ummah
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    Assalamu Alaikum my dear sisters! Welcome to this mini-guide for muslimahs where you'll find: reminders, quotes, fun facts, anasheed, qur'an recitations, iman boosters, halal jokes and dua'a. The main goal here is to enjoy ourselves while learning more about the beauty of Islam Insha'Allah. Beautiful cover by @misshij...

  • Alnihayya
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    Mashal Naeem thought she knew exactly who she was until she was rescued by her neighbour, flown on a private plane and driven on a talking car, kidnapped by terrorists and learned to fight. All because of being the daughter of Naeem Ansar, the founder of Alnihayya. Where freedom is precious than blood.

  • We don't have wings { ON HOLD }
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    Her whole life had been a lie. " I caused it. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have driven. I caused it all, I caused the pain." She didn't let anyone tell her other than these words. She blamed her self. " Give me back my Amnesia"

  • Why We Say #FreePalestine
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    This is simply the WhatsApp exchange between two girls, living in two different countries, talking about the situation in Palestine. All rights reserved, 2016

  • My Last Day
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    A girl named Asil, suffers from grief when her brother Aqil is killed. After trying to find her inner peace, she loses family and even more. Read to find if she survives.

  • Gaza-Man
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    A girl, who lives in Gaza, Palestine and has family in Ramallah, Palestine, named Haifa lives a normal, ordinary life. But in her dreams she keeps seeing a mysterious man. Will she really see him? Doubt it? Read it. She loses family, has to make decisions, and gains love. It's a test. Will she pass? [This book is not...

  • Random Outbursts
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    A collection of random thoughts, poems and reminders that I pen down. Cover credits: @angelofegypt

  • My Dear Daughter and Other Stories
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    A collection of stories right from my heart. I may not have experienced all of them, but I have lived them in my mind for a long time before writing them down.

  • The Feel
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    "It's tested, We are tried, But our friendship Never dies." ****************** "It's not bleeding Or colouring black Just living, With cracks." ******************** All Rights Reserved. No one's allowed to copy, delete, corrupt my work. Cover by: @LovemeLovemenotAG

  • Let Me Speak
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    Let me speak for all of the people in the Middle East who want their voices to be heard. Let me tell you just how hard is. Let me shape how life threatening it can become. Let me explain to you what the media doesn't want you to know. Let me show you the Middle East from another perspective. This...

  • The Remaining Story
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    Their past is a chronicle of heart wrenching stories of pain, torture, abuse and oppression- each story darker and unbearably painful than the other. Despite the scars and marred souls, they were happy and content with their life until Wardah is almost killed by Shehzad in an attempt to end his own life. Amidst ser...

  • This is for Palestine.
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    "My sisters are being raped in Palestine! Innocent virgins are being raped in Palestine! Let say, it was your mother, sister, cousin, girlfriend, best friend or your favourite teachers? Now let's imagine that was YOU! Would you only care then? Now what if your sisters, best friends, cousins, brothers or teachers were...

  • Why Israel is attacking Gaza? A must read.
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    This maybe an eye opener not only for muslims but also non-muslims because this is true. Many muslims having knowledge about all of this will be able to understand the story. Please vote, share and comment too. :)

  • Awaited Redemption
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    Two weeks. Four students. Number one: Aarifah, with her endless struggles of maintaining a balance between her worldly and religious beliefs. Number two: Walid, with his un-ignorable past actions, and the consequences of these actions that haunt him to this day. Number three: Lexie, a girl who no matter how hard she...

  • Diary Of the City of Smoke
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    Yesterday, 15th March, marked the 3rd year of the Syrian revolution. We've all read the news, seen the statistics, but it's robbed us of the human factor. Those are innocent people, children and families that are torn apart, destroyed and wrecked. We need to open up our eyes to reality. Honestly, if you even caught...

  • Greyscale [✓]
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    [Spin off to Suicide, Skittles and Skates] Hannah Adem is one of The Elite at Premrose Private School, standing at the very top of the social ladder. But when her world - as she knows it - comes crashing down, she's forced to face reality. Behind the façade of indifference she paints on every day, Hannah is hiding a l...

  • A Girl from Palestine
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    [© decemberrr // poem] beautiful cover by @obsessions-

  • Palestwinians.
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    Zach and Yasmine are two teenagers just trying to get through life by keeping their head held high and never letting their hopes drop. Although this can be hard when you're living in an illegally occupied country such as Palestine, they're there for each other. ALL the time. Yasmine is sarcastic, witty and a little...