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  • New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)
    8.4M 273K 104

    You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from next door, you never would have guessed who you're living next to... Romance is blooming, but it isn't all tiny boxes and rainbows. The Internet is...

  • Weird.... like me (Wilford Warfstache x reader)
    6.6K 223 11

    Y/N finally finished college. She always had a hard life. A father that got drunk all the time. A mother that was a cop before being fired And a brother that hates her One day something bad happens in her life and she meets this guy but what happened for her to meet this guy and what will happen next? Y/N- your name ...

  • Join Us (Wilford Warfstache x Reader)
    26.6K 862 21

    Your father tries to force you into a life of crime seeing as your whole family's in on it but you don't want to. He's been trying for years to make you love the sickening sight of butchered bodies lying at your feet but you still won't budge. You do as you're told even though you don't like it, you kill but not for f...

  • Unity~ Eren x Reader x Levi (Modern AU)
    138K 5.8K 40

    Blood, blood, and more blood. Dripping down the walls, oozing from cuts, staining the carpet. That was what Eren Jaeger saw after he followed (Y/N) and joined the Survey Corps, a group dedicated to annihilating a group of gunmen called the Titans. But he never did expect what happened next. It was a frenzy of betrayal...

  • Going insane [Darkiplier x reader x Antisepticeye]
    47.8K 1.3K 14

    Couldnt decide between them

  • my brothers friend (Eddievr x reader! JoshDub's sister)
    117K 1.7K 24

    Josh invites friend over but what happens when one of them catches (Y/N) eye

    Completed   Mature
  • Life Is Strange - Imagines
    23.1K 460 11

    read the title

  • Caffeine Addiction
    1.1K 40 6

    Gavin Reed x Reader Where the reader is a rookie at the DPD. Little do you know that there's more to you then meets the eye, something that's been hidden from you you're whole life. What will happen when you find out? What will happen when /he/ finds out?

  • Dani x Female Reader (Midsommar)
    6.1K 239 5

    When Dani wants you to come with her to Sweden with Dani's boyfriend and his friends, what will happen when the place you visit turns out I be a cult. Will you escape with Dani or stay in the cult forever?

  • Shadow Songs and Secrets (Pitch Black x Reader story!!)
    51.9K 1.7K 17

    This is a Pitch black and female reader story. DO NOT STEAL OR I WILL GIVE YOU HELL.

  • She lives in only the dark. [pitch black x reader]
    59K 1.9K 34

    // just an authors note, this story is NOT appropriate for younger viewers, and I don't recommend this tbh. When I started writing I wasn't sure what I was doing or what I was truly going through, and it appears as I reread this that I'm romanticizing depression and self harm. I would like you to just avoid this story...

  • A wish (Pitch black x reader)
    14K 455 10

    (WARNING! This is not a love story or is it???) For you it started with a gift, to make green, to sprout a dead flower to life...anything alive. you thought it was only plants but until you touched a dead cat at the age of seven. You were afraid of your own gift, some thought it was a miracle. One night you wished alo...

  • His Nightmare Queen (Pitch Black x Reader)
    34.8K 1.4K 28

    People say that everyone has a past life that they don't remember - you included. But who believes in any of those tales of reincarnation anyway? You're wrapping up your final quarter of college, and you think all has gone by fairly normally. That is until you're approached by the King of Nightmares, who seems to kno...

  • Glowing Eyes| Pitch Black x Reader| The Rise of the Guardians| FINISHED
    37.1K 811 16

    (Y/N) is going to be a Guradian! But when she has to fight Pitch, she sees the World completely diffrent. This is an English fanfiction! Im sorry if there are some mistakes, because I usually speak German instead of English. I do not own any Characters of The Rise of the Guardians and I do not own the movie. I also d...

  • Pitch Black x Reader Oneshots
    75.1K 1.6K 14

    A collection of oneshots and short stories that will bring joy, heartbreak, lust, and darkness between you and the feared Nightmare King. Disclaimer: I do not own you, any Guardians of Childhood/rotg characters, or the artwork. Also, if you don't know Pitch's backstory, I recommend you look that up.

  • Virus (Antisepticeye and Darkiplier)
    107K 2.9K 17

    {COMPLETED} You wake up in a dark room with a pounding headache. You try to move, but your arms are tied behind your back. Wondering where you are, you cry out for help, but your screams are lost in the darkness. Suddenly, you remember what happened. The earthquake, the creepy laughter, the guy pulling you into the co...

  • Rodrick x reader
    27.5K 474 12

    A little fanfic about everybody's favourite emo boy 😍

  • Rodrick x Reader: Rodrick becomes a father
    10.7K 148 6

    (this is mostly a joke but I felt compelled to write this because haha Rodrick) You and Rodrick have been together since Freshman Year, it's now senior year and you both decide to Take your relationship to the next level. Surprise! A baby Heffley is on the way but throughout this pregnancy you go through so much drama...

  • He's not that bad - Rodrick x Reader
    31.7K 699 28

    Rodrick Heffley x reader, He is one of my comfort characters and im going through a lot rightnow so I'm going to write. No big plans for the story. Mostly headcanons. Nongendered reader.

  • Moving On (RodrickxReader)
    63.3K 1.3K 33

    You're the new girl in town and you were heading to get a fresh start WITHOUT him. You take a liking in your new neighbor, and hit it off. But does HE get in the way? - - - ALSO: trigger warning! this story mention sensitive topics like sexual assault, abuse, manipulation, etc. please read with caution my guys :) Numb...

  • ~Whats love?~ Flamingo/Albert/Albertstuff x Reader
    35.1K 413 23

    Sorry if this story is crap! I tried hard bro Also rn It's like 1AM ok read the fanfic nowww

  • Horrid Henry (henrys horrible accident)
    13.3K 176 5

    Have you ever wondered the true reason why Henry acts out the way he does? Read to find out in Horrid Henry (Henry's horrible accident I DO NOT OWN HORRID HENRY.

  • Two used brains Two broken hearts Nathan Prescott x Reader
    6.5K 185 9

    Jasmine came to blackwell after she was kicked out at 17 and was drawing when she watched a boy with a red jacket go by when his wallet fell out she walked over to give it back to him...from there you have to read..and before This story also contains Selfharm, drug and alcohol abuse, abusive manners, and some disturb...

  • Are you insane like me? [JD x Reader]
    87.6K 1.9K 13

    ~Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?~ [Y/N] had issues but never really knew how to solve them until she met him. Once she met him everything was going to be fine or better... I don't own any characters or songs in this. Warnings: Contains sex, unforgiving murder, JD, insanity, heathers, mean people, memes...

    20.3K 602 15

    [ A NATHAN PRESCOTT X READER ] don't you wish it would've ended a little differently? maybe in a different city, town, something else. instead you spend an unbelievable semester with the school's biggest prick.

  • Heathers The Musical Preferences
    145K 2.1K 45

    Characters Include: -Veronica Sawyer -Jason Dean -Martha Dunnstock -Ram Sweeney -Kurt Kelly -Heather Chandler -Heather Duke -Heather McNamara -Betty Finn

  • [DISCONTINUED]Coincidence ~ AlbertsStuff x Reader
    43K 734 25

    You go to a club at late at night after seeing your boyfriend cheat on you with another girl. At the club some unexpected things happen, and you meet someone who changes your life. What a coincidence. ☁Started: July 5th, 2018☁ ☁Ended: 0000 0000 0000☁ May Include: Cringiness Awkward fluff Suicidal thoughts An Angry ass...

  • My Turn (Jake X Reader) COMPLETED
    13.6K 191 16

    Nothing here ----------- Sequel is being continued by @NyanEclispe64 ----------- Highest Rank for Jayingee tag:48 Highest rank for Albert tag:34

  • You're everything I needed (Flamingo Albert x reader)
    97.3K 2K 66