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  • Discovering myself (18+)
    5.1M 106K 59

    BOOK COMPLETE - EDITION ONGOING. This work is intended for an 18+ audience. I stop searching for it and just stand in front of him perplexed. Is he saying what I think he is saying? Does he have my vibrator with him? Please tell me I'm overreacting, that I have misunderstood. To make everything just better he says. "O...

    Completed   Mature
  • Over My Dead Body
    36.3M 1.1M 68

    Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lilah
    64.4M 1.5M 48

    #1 in Young Adult #9 in Badboy #1 in Cold #3 in Goodgirl #1 in Sweetheart #14 in Love *Currently available at Amazon!!!* He'd never met someone with such a bubbly personality. Not to mention the wildness and odd phrases she'd say every five minutes. He hates it. He hates how he can't stay away from it. He hates what s...