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  • KamiyaJuu x Shrek
    7.2K 196 8

    WARNING: LOTS. OF. CURSING. AND CRUDE HUMOR. NOT ADVISABLE FOR RELIGIOUS FIGURES OR WALRUSES!!! What if truck-kun sent Kamiya-sama to a different world? To a land far far away? Whereas, KamiyaJuu wakes up in a certain swamp, housing a certain ogre. They don't exactly get along well at first, but then a spark lights u...

  • Ruby Tears
    670 261 5

    Ruby teardrops, a swift flick of the wrist. I didn't mean to kill her. Crimson liquid seeping through, my dagger erected in her chest. It was an accident. Screams echoing, desperate pleas. I didn't mean to kill any of them. My cobalt skirts heavy with every swaying step I take, every corpse I step over. They made me...

  • .: Hair :. KuroKen
    79.2K 2.3K 5

    Kenma wants a change. To stand out a bit more. Dying his hair blonde will do the trick, right? Not every one feels the same way about the change. Short, fluff, much Kuro Ken.