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  • Love and Wood: Lisa✔️
    9.6K 373 11

    Lisa is an amazing wood worker and architect. Y/N is one of the best heart surgeons in the world with a young son. They meet one night and have an amazing night. Can they find each other again? And if they do will her ex come between them? ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ Message from Bitchiswild- I don't recommend this book lol...

    Completed   Mature
  • Phantom: Rosé ✔️
    33K 2.5K 43

    The tragic love story of a sad girl named Y/n and a dead girl named Roseanne, who must work together to find her killer, amid heart break, muster, and learning that perhaps death is not the end. ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ 🚨⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS INSIDE THE BOOK⚠️🚨 ~~~ ⛔️IMPLYS THAT ROSÉ HAS G!P⛔️ ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORY‼️⚠️...

  • The Pout: Jennie ✔️
    2.8K 147 2

    Y/n and Jennie have been married for twenty years and have two trouble seeking teenagers. The couples always has issues with punishments and often fight over it, but as always they find someway to make up in the end. ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ 🧸FAMILY LIFE🧸 ~~~ ⛔️WARNINGS⛔️ - G!P Jennie - May have edit mistakes ~~~ ⚠️‼️...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spicy: Lisa✔️
    2.1K 88 2

    Lalisa Manoban is very successful in most things, but unlucky in love. Can a call girl named Spicy change all of that? Or will she always be alone. ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ 💥ONE SHOT💥 ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORY ‼️⚠️ 🚨NOT MY STORY🚨 ~~~ 🚨WARNING🚨 - May have edit mistakes - G!P Lisa ~~~ ✨Highest Ranking✨ #5 in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kindness: Jisoo✔️
    785 62 1

    Jisoo is a wealthy, well respected ER doctor who finds a pregnant homeless woman sitting outside of her apartment building. In helping her, she unexpectedly falls in love with her. Will Jisoo gain the courage to tell her or will she let her go without telling her how she feels? ~~~ 🔆ONE SHOT🔆 ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ ⚠...

  • Last Movie: Rosé ✔️
    10.7K 339 5

    Rosé and Y/N are porn stars, very popular ones in fact. They're both thinking about retiring to start a new life. ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ ⚠️WARNING ⚠️ - G!P Rosé - may have grammar mistakes ~~~ ‼️⚠️CONVERTED STORY⚠️‼️ (NOT MY STORY!!) ~~~ ✨HIGHEST RANKING✨ #4 in Topsé #2 in blackpinkRosé ~~~ Stared: 06...

    Completed   Mature
  • Boat Love: Jisoo✔️
    2.2K 138 3

    Kim Jisoo is the captain of the Y/LN's mega yacht. Y/N Y/LN loves to party with her collage friends on the yacht on the weekends. That is how she and Jisoo became friends and maybe something more... ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ ⚠️WARNING⚠️ - G!P Jisoo - will probably have grammar mistakes ~~~ ‼️⚠️CONVERTED STORY⚠️‼️ ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackpink x Reader Angst/ Sad Imagines
    42.1K 1.7K 36

    #4 ~~~ 🖤BLACKPINK IMGAINES💗 ~~~ 🌧ANGST/SAD🌧 ~~~ 😈NO HAPPY ENDINGS😈 ~~~ 🤡NO PART 2's🤡 ~~~ ❌💥MAY HAVE TRIGGER WARNINGS💥❌ ~~~ 👑Mostly For Female Readers👑 ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORIES‼️⚠️ 🚨NOT MINES🚨 ~~~ ⛔️WARNINGS⛔️ - Will probably have edit mistakes - will make you feel depressed - May imply...

  • Math Teacher: Jisoo ✔️
    12.8K 658 12

    Kim Jisoo is a twenty six year old math teacher at YG high school. Y/N Y/LN is a eighteen year old senior, captain of YG's cheerleading team and over all very popular in school. Jisoo starts tutoring her and feelings starts to develop. Will Jisoo act in them or keep their relationship professional? Can Y/N break down...

    Completed   Mature
  • BP x Reader Fluff Imagines✔️
    61K 2.4K 50

    #3 ~~~ 🌸COMPLETE🌸 ~~~ 🖤ONE SHOTS OF BLACKPINK💗 ~~~ ☁️FLUFF ONLY☁️ ~~~ 👑FEMALE READERS👑 ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORIES‼️⚠️ 🚨NOT MINES🚨 ~~~ ⛔️WARNINGS⛔️ - will probably have edit mistakes - grammar mistakes - will make you feel single - imply's that blackpink has a G!P - No Smut! ~~~ 🏆Highest Rankin...

  • G!P BP x Fem Reader Smut Imagines
    582K 14.5K 168

    #1 ~~~ 💗🖤ONE SHOTS OF BLACKPINK🖤💗 ~~~ 🍑BLACKPINK ARE TOPS🍑 ~~~ 🖤MOSTLY G!P STORIES🖤 ~~~ ❤️🔥SMUT ONLY🔥❤️ ~~~ 👑FEMALE READERS👑 (Males can read too) ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORIES‼️⚠️ 🚨NOT MINES🚨 ~~~ ⛔️WARNINGS⛔️ - will have edit mistakes - grammar mistakes - You are a bottom in this book ...

  • This Can't Be Happening: Jennie ✔️
    45.7K 2K 31

    Jennie is a quirky but a bright lawyer working for Andrew Y/LN company. While Y/N is a fashion designer who doesn't care about anything but herself. Andrew is really worried about his daughter that after he died she will lose everything. So he decides Y/N will marry Jennie and this where the real comedy/ drama begins...

    Completed   Mature
  • World of Possibilities: Lisa✔️
    11.5K 672 28

    Y/n Y/Ln is a sassy and out going social worker. With the world at her feet, Lisa Manoban a rough Seoul PD detective can't figure out why a billionaire like Y/Ln would choose a civil servant job like social work. The two meet at a meeting about a new foster kid program, and are subtly set up on a date when tragedy hit...

  • Stuck: Rosé ✔️
    11K 453 8

    The Kim's hold their annual yearly cruise and Jennie invites Y/n and Roseanne, but the two best friends get tipsy and drunkenly steal a rowboat, ending up on a deserted island. They have to survive on the island until they're found, and end up falling in love while they wait. ~~~ 🌸COMPLETED🌸 ~~~ 🚨‼️CONVERTED STORY‼...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bp x Femreader Poly Smut Imagines
    155K 3.3K 34

    #2 ~~~ 🖤ONE SHOTS OF BLACKPINK💗 ~~~ 🍒BLACKPINK ARE TOPS🍒 ~~~ 🦋G!P BLACKPINK🦋 ~~~ 🔥SMUT🔥 ~~~ 👑FEMALE READERS👑 ~~~ ⚠️‼️CONVERTED STORIES‼️⚠️ 🚨NOT MINES🚨 ~~~ ⛔️WARNINGS⛔️ - will probably have edit mistakes - grammar mistakes - you're a bottom in this series - threesomes - fivesomes ~~~ 🏆Hig...