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  • Stray ~ A MariChat Love Story (Complete)
    1.3M 43.3K 47

    "I just don't understand, Chat. I thought...all this time...," she clenched her fists at her sides and stared up at him, "What changed?" Chat Noir stepped closer, pinning her against the railing of her balcony. The moonlight highlighted the dark ridges of his mask and his green eyes shone through the dark leather, as...

  • 𝑅𝑒𝒷𝑜𝓇𝓃 𝒜𝓃𝒹 𝑅𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓃𝑔𝑒
    214K 9K 58

    This was it! She failed. Marinette had failed in life, she had failed to defeat Lila and Chloe like she had planned. There on the cover page and on the news were Adrien and Lila, exclaiming their relationship to everyone of Paris. If she had been smarter; if she had knew what Lila and Chloe were planning, then all her...

  • Sandboy 2.0 - Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    101K 3.1K 17

    Marinette has been having nightmares for the past month. But what happens when Sandboy returns and her nightmare comes to life?

  • Adrienette Arranged Marriage (COMPLETED)
    266K 6.4K 39

    [B O O K O N E] "Do you Prince Adrien Agreste, take Princess Marinette Dupain-Cheng to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The Priest asked. "I do," "And do you Princess Marinette Dupain-Cheng take Prince Adrien Agreste to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do," "By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband a...

  • Missing My Other Half
    126K 4.1K 13

    Being told she would never have what it takes to be Ladybug begins to take its toll on Marinette. What will happen when she decides to return her Miraculous? How will Chat defend Paris without his lady? ~~~ He promised he was always going to be there for her in whatever way she needed him to be.

  • A Christmas Wish
    95.2K 2.8K 10

    Marinette and Adrien have grown into close friends. When a sudden illness prevents Adrien from travelling with his father, he calls on Marinette to keep him company. Will the magic of the Christmas season finally help bring out the feelings they have tried to hide? Cover art by kind permission from @auroralynneart on...

  • MariChat: Chat Out Of The Bag
    70.2K 2.6K 25

    Chat Noir's identity has been revealed in the worst possible way imaginable - In front of a nation-wide broadcast crew while facing an Akuma. His life is shaken dramatically, nothing can be the same again, and there is only one source of stability for both Adrien Agreste and Chat Noir now. Meanwhile, Marinette has to...

  • Under Lock and Key
    2M 50.2K 9

    Marinette is thrilled. She's spending her afternoon at the museum with Adrien, and even Manon's unexpectedly tagging along with them can't tarnish her happiness. After all, what can go wrong for two seventeen-year-olds watching over a seven-year-old? Turns out, a lot of things. ------ This is an illustrated fa...

  • Until I Heard You Sing
    146K 4.8K 17

    Adrien had always been very sure of his feelings for Ladybug, but a lack of akuma attacks coupled with a patrol hiatus has him seeing less of the spotted heroine and more of his sweet and clumsy classmate Marinette. Meanwhile Adrien and Chloe are set to sing a duet at the up coming Charity Auction hosted by Mayor Bou...

  • Capricious Dreams (Soulmate AU)
    216K 7.1K 27

    Marinette and Adrien share dreams. But they can't say each other's name or see each other's faces. None-the-less, the two grow up together, not knowing each other's identity but still slowly falling for each other. That is, until they meet in real life. - 3rd in #Miraculous Started: 23.6.17 Finished: 18.11.17 - Word...

  • Ordinary
    133K 3.6K 26

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a completely, ordinary girl. Or so I thought... Ever since I started public school, I had noticed her. She was absolutely gorgeous. But there was something about her, the way her lips curved in a smile threw me off the edge. But she was different... Secretive. Ladybug was amazing, she was...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Jacket
    126K 3.2K 12

    [Completed] Marinette decides to make Chat Noir a jacket after she notices that his suit doesn't keep out the cold very well. But what happens when he decides to wear the jacket to school-as his civilian self? (Marichat/Adrienette)

  • MariChat: Soul Link (SoulMates AU)
    465K 16.3K 34

    A soul linked, near and afar, She loves you simply for who you are. Behind a mask her truth may lie, But other times, she is clear as the sky. You know not her face, only as half, She knows you, via photograph. Invisible links are made between people at birth. The person you are l...

  • Masked Permanently
    856K 31K 50

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng has disappeared for good. Chat Noir refuses to give up on finding her, even if Ladybug already has. * * * Started: July 27, 2017 Finished: December 17, 2018 Idea inspired by @its_nusa_obviously 's book, Stuck. Cover drawn by me. Disclaimer: I don't work for or own Miraculous Ladybug or any of...

  • Red String | A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    1.2M 40.5K 24

    In which fate brings two together by a red string. [A Miraculous Ladybug short story] #68 in Fanfiction (May 4th, 2016)

  • Red String • Marichat
    2M 70.3K 45

    "A Princess deserves to get spoiled everyday, but on her birthday, she should be spoiled even more. Especially since she's you Marinette." These characters are not mine. All rights for the characters go to the creator of Miraculous Ladybug. And rights for the art in the cover goes to the artist. Other than that the co...