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  • Where are you? (DreamSMP short)
    16.9K 581 8

    Tubbo really, really misses Tommy. And he really, really regrets exiling him. One month into the exile, Tubbo decides to visit Tommy and actually talk to him. Guided by the Your Tommy compass, a compass that points to Tommy at all times, Tubbo goes to find his friend. And he does. Just... differently than he would h...

  • Shadows (zuko x reader) Completed
    20.2K 631 18

    Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. The four elements of the world. There was four nations. Each one named after their element but one nation wanted to be in power over all. The fire Nation was stronger and had more weapons but there is one person who could fight against them. The Avatar But was there another? They tried to...

  • Little Soldier Boy (Iroh II)
    17.3K 491 36

    Prince Iroh II always had fantastic grandparents, a loving mother, a father that did everything possible for him, and a loyal little sister. So, why did he feel so trapped? When the opportunity arose, he set out to find his freedom. Little did the Prince know how much his life would change, everything he knew twisted...