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  • Things Change (boyxboy)✔️
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    //Complete\\ "Do you really want to waste this opportunity? When you're looking back in fifty years time, don't you think you're gonna regret not giving something that could've been beautiful a chance just because you were scared?" ~~~ Rowan Cullen is a walking disaster. He is a socially awkward, anxious mess and he k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Sensations
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    Don't blush. It will just make you look sweeter... Whack! Smack! Slap! Xavier That sound has always made my heart flutter. Especially after a fateful game of truth or dare in college. Awkward freshman, meet dreamboat senior. Humiliating. Except I'm not in college anymore. I'm twenty-five, and inheriting my father's ca...

    Completed   Mature