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  • diary of a wimpy kid
    123K 1.9K 3

  • Black and Yellow.
    8.5K 527 27

    Once upon a time, Harry Potter dropped a stone in the forbidden forest. Jade and Ruby, two Hufflepuff students just happened to find it. As the wereolf population grows and revolts. Ruby and Jade fight through Prejudices, Classes, and Hallows to have their say. A harry potter fan fic.

    1.8K 116 10

    ❝Lena only had one friend in Little Whinging and that was a boy named Harry. His cousin Dudley may have been a bit frightening and most people tried to avoid him and his family but none of that would stop her from befriending the boy with the broken glasses and lightning bolt scar.❞ Lena is just an 11-year-old girl li...

  • Salem Academy of Sorcery (Harry Potter)
    603K 24.4K 43

    "Few people can say they have managed to escape death once, but not many can say they have escaped death twice. After a potions mishap and muggle car accident, I somehow managed to survive. The car accident took two loved ones from me. I continuously reminded myself not to take my luck in surviving for granted. The Wi...

  • Being A Squib (Harry Potter Fan Fiction)
    4.3K 172 3

    Valentine Delacour is a squib. A useless, filthy, worthless squib. So when she can't take her sisters' magic and boastfulness anymore, she sends a letter to Albus Dumbledore, asking for a job. And at Hogwarts, will she find more than a safe haven? Or will she find love as well?

  • Name Game (completed)
    66.3K 1.9K 21

    Despite her father's disapproval, Rose and Scorpius have been best friends since their first year. But will Scorpius's long-term crush on Rose affect their happy friendship? As the wizarding world faces the threat of yet another battle, Rose and Scorpius have their own war to fight, and their own sacrifices to be made...