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  • The Mastermind's Lies | Mastermind Shuichi AU
    63.9K 3.3K 37

    Cover fanart by @nlize22 on Twitter. Danganronpa is a VR in this AU. • Shuichi is a Danganronpa enthusiast. After a serious talk with his uncle, he wishes to get rid of his addiction by auditioning for the 53rd season. But things don't go as planned and now, he's forced to play the Mastermind role against his will, or...

  • Season 2~DING DONG~ All For A 'Little' DESPAIR!!!
    6K 169 12

    This is Season 2 of- DING DONG BING BONG YA'LL GOT IT WRONG!!!!!! - Warning ⚠️-this book is full of cringeeeee! Season 2~Ding Dong~All For A 'Little' DESPAIR!!! Upuhuhu... You really think I chosen hope? How silly of you to think, I, Makoto Naegi, really chosen hope...? Well, DING DONG BING BONG YA'LL GOT IT WRONG...

  • DING DONG BING BONG, YA'LL GOT IT WRONG!!!!!! (Danganronpa fanfic story)
    18.8K 366 22

    Danganronpa fanfic story Warning ⚠️- this book is full of cringeeeeee and confusion! Read at your own risk! They all thought the mastermind was Junko Enoshima, considering finding all the clues that lead to her, but DING DONG THEY ALL GOT IT WRONG!!! They never would've of thought that Their little friend Makoto Neagi...