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  • Untamed Regrets
    908 199 31

    We buried our fairytale alongside other memories we convinced ourselves were meant for us to forget. I held on to it like sandㅡstill tangible yet I felt it trickling down the miniscule gaps of my hands, slipping away from my grip. Its derisive pinpricks burned through my flesh as a mere remembrance of a love soon to r...

  • Tonight and Always (Erlebnisse Series #1)
    27.9K 3.3K 69

    The moonlight bounced off your skin, radiating to your face then to my mind with a pact I regret saying as I held on to nothing. I know we swore it was only for one night but I couldn't stop thinking about you ever since the moment I laid my eyes on you. that one night with you was the rebirth of hopeㅡthe gust of wind...

  • A Flowerbed for Romantics
    2.2K 638 26

    The chattering of canaries beneath the cumulus clouds' silhouettes call nature out to breathe once more for I am here, laying above verdant grasses. I carry the heart of a romantic; the art of loving enwreathes itself around my worn out heart. For each heartbreak I experience, petals wither until it strikes the ground...

  • Under the Celestial Skies (Esperanza Series #1)
    1.6K 214 18

    Ever since she was young, the lively and driven Cris Benavente practically grew up with the Esperanzas with a bond that can't be destructed by any means. She was close to all the members of their family, especially with Thaddeus Esperanza, her best friend, whom she has a friendship that words cannot simply define. The...

  • Where Love Treads Back (Erlebnisse Series #3)
    4K 672 64

    I have met a lot of people before and after you yet no one compares to you and how your love strengthened and galvanized me wholly. In the midst of the saturnine quagmires of this world, you were the beatific light that peered through my days bereft of hope. You stood there with your amaranthine emboldening glow and y...

  • A Kiss of a Thousand Words (Erlebnisse Series #2)
    10.5K 1.8K 73

    Our intertwined fingers hidden from the light reflecting the whole room couldn't fill in the chasmic gaps of your relentlessly yearning heart. When the marvels of your scarlet lips plummeted on my skin for a kiss, I blamed you for leaving me in the lurch in the battle between yielding or defying, yet I chose to let al...