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  • WAIT! Before You Freak Out! I'm Sleeping With Your MOM.
    1.3M 39.4K 28

    This is Sam first year of college and let's just say her mother is more excited than she is. However, something sparks her attention and it is not the cute boy on the baseball team. Can Sam survive this awkward situation?

    Completed   Mature
  • Freak Out! She's Engaged (GirlxGirl)
    872K 30K 36

    Rose takes Sam advice lightly. Once you fall for a Grayson there is no turning back. Sequel to Wait Before You Freak Out....I'm Sleeping With Your MOM!

  • Don't Freak Out! I'll Win Her Back.
    531K 19.2K 24

    Leaving Sam was the biggest mistake of her life. Now that she's back so much has changed. While preparing for a wedding, dealing with Austin constant need to be in her business, and plotting to destroy this new girl Sam has attached herself to, Miranda sets out to win Sam's love back at all cost. Continuation of Wait...

  • Two Weeks of Freaking Out About You
    239K 12.1K 35

    Piper Grayson is forced to spend time with her family for the summer before college. Miranda--her mother doesn't trust her to be home alone after an incident that got Piper arrested and suspended from school. Miranda thinks she is upset because Piper wishes to be with her friends from back home however, Miranda and th...