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  • Lucas, Wizard Of Evil || WMMAP fanfic
    3.6K 213 1

    This is my first fanfiction ever. It is based on Vocaloid's song, Servant of Evil. I wrote the lyrics of my own version, to fit this story.This occurred in Lovely Princess world, but Lucas is by Athy's side! It mainly focused on Lucas' Point Of View, but there will be Athy's too. What will happen if LP!Athy actually m...

  • Why do you hate me?
    2.5K 130 6

    Athanasia knew Claude have hated her from the moment she was born, but why?

  • La Mère// WMMAP One Shot
    424 36 1

    Lucas loved the ocean, that vast expanse of memories, with the high tides and dancing waves. So, when he saw a woman with eyes that embodied his favorite place, he fell quickly... wholeheartedly.

  • My Fated One
    1.9K 93 3

    Lucas x Athy fanfiction....this is a small christmas gift for everyone

  • The Letter- Oneshot
    1.7K 110 1

    Warning: This is not your typical story with a happy ending Sorry if the story seems cliche I do not own WMMAP Characters original idea and its credit belongs to Plutus and pictures used are not mine.

  • You, Him, Me and Her
    1.5K 54 2

    valentine's special

  • Who Made Me A Princess Oneshots
    14.4K 519 7

    Pair : Lucas x Athanasia Bunch of one-shot stories of my babies ( ◜‿◝ )♡ Happy reading~

  • Ms. Muse
    1.5K 76 1

    There are times in a person's life where they grew tired of doing what they love the most, yet, still stubbornly continues. Sometimes, inspiration is needed to spark that love back, in a certain boy's case, it embodies a bright blue jeweled eyed blonde angel. Disclaimer: I don't own this Anime, Manga and its character...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love
    2.4K 135 1

    Modern AU Oneshot! "How painful it would be when you were betrayed by someone you were just about to return his feelings"

  • Hangry Lucas vs. Tree-san (One-shot)
    1.5K 53 1

    Athanasia has always wanted to see the World Tree in-person, so she asks Lucas to take her on a field trip to go inter-dimensional traveling with him one day. When Athanasia meets the World Tree, it fell for her at first sight because of her enchanting beauty and willingly offered her its fruits and branches. The wor...

  • My Dear Princess
    2.1K 97 2

    She's just an outcast. Invisible and weak. Yet she managed to catch someone's eyes. A polar opposite and someone who shouldn't even develop such feelings for her. The lovely princess that fancy the forgotten princess and ready to risk everything. A forbidden relationship that is difficult to reach. If you like to s...

  • Garden of our own
    617 38 2

    The blonde is just an entertainer from the far lands. Talented and gifted. But also brazen and flirtatious? The brunette did not understand her act or the strange feeling in her heart when coming across this lowly woman. A fire spark between the noble lady and fair dancer. Penelope meets Diana. An unforeseen relatio...

  • Dismal Escapade
    2.3K 114 3

    A short story/one-shot. WMMAP fanfic A very vivid and reckless emperor that likes to have fun only to hide his loneliness. Where his younger brother is still by his side. Soon would meet a dancer from a far land that eventually becomes his concubine. A world where Diana and Anastacius would meet each other. What will...

  • Their Destiny- Oneshot
    2K 133 1

    Lucathy Sorry if the story is a bit cliche I do not own WMMAP Characters original idea and its credit belongs to Plutus and pictures used are not mine.

  • Christmas Cheer- Lucathy one-shot
    2K 108 2

    Enjoy!!! And have a very Merry Christmas!!! Sorry if the story seems cliche I do not own WMMAP Characters original idea and its credit belongs to Plutus and Spoon The credit for the cover belongs to @elmamaria35 (instagram).

  • For The Lover That I Lost - Lucathy Oneshot
    590 33 1

    I wrote this song.. For The Lover That I Lost [Full summary on "Introduction"]

  • Colourless - Lucathy Oneshot
    848 51 1

    I'm a blank canvas without a painter to bring color to my life. Yes, I'm blank. It's been a thousand years, where are you now? My life's been colorless since you left me... Lucas, come back... Please. [Full summary on "Introduction"]

  • Eighteen - Wmmap Oneshot
    512 41 1

    Every birthday I always got a voice recorder from my father. Why is it? [Full summary on "Introduction"]

  • Ms. Lemon - Lucathy short Oneshot
    751 51 1

    A girl at my age, eyes as blue as the sky and her hair as yellow as a lemon. Her name was Athanasia. [Full summary on "Introduction"]

  • 24 Hours to Love You
    552 33 1

    I have only 24 hours to love you. [Full summary on "Introduction"]

  • Our promise ring - Lucathy Oneshot
    667 39 1

    I'm sorry.... I'm tired.... I'm sorry..... I can't keep my promise.... I'm sorry... but I'm really tired and wish for nothing more but to sleep....

  • The melody to my heart - Lucathy oneshot
    837 56 3

    Athy is absolutely smiting with the person who's playing the piano and start singing along! Meanwhile Lucas who's playing the piano is taken by the singing of a goddess! (This is a fanfic of WMMAP so most of these characters aren't mine!!!)

  • Our poetry Class- Lucathy oneshot
    773 47 3

    Athy and Lucas had to attend a poetry class together! I wonder what they wrote? (THESE ARE ALL PEOPLE FROM WMMAP NOT MY OG CHARACTERS)

  • Aiming For The Crown // WMMAP fanfic one shot
    852 47 1

    "Bring that jerk down you say?.." "Well Athanasia, your answer?" The man said lending his hand. "Very well.. together, let's bring this emperor down." The fallen princess took his hand. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Disclaimer : - The artwork and characters in this oneshot are not mine! - This...

  • The Time You Caught My Eyes (Wmmap fanfic/Lucathy)
    17.1K 673 24

    This is a series of Lucathy one-shots and it will have slow updates so be aware with that. It's my first Wmmap fanfic since I always wrote PJO fanfics. Please enjoy!

  • His Loved Ones (Translated)
    2.5K 98 1

    Originally written in Spanish by QishanWenSect and got the permission to rewrite it in English because I got curious and used Google Translate to read it (curiosity killed the cat but its worth it!). Some errors may be present, my first time to do this sort of thing :) Story Summary: Anastacius wanted Claude Anastac...

  • Prompts | Lucathy
    15.2K 1K 71

    I'm doing otp prompts because I'm bored and dont wanna progress actual storyline.

  • " Soulmate " - WMMAP oneshot [Lucas]
    634 37 1

    What's a soulmate? A question suddenly came up to Lucas's mind. -- connected to... Mo Anam Cara

  • Athy x Lucas (Oneshots & Drabbles)
    1.9K 104 7

    Just dumping some random story ideas of my fav ship in different scenarios 。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ Summaries to all oneshots/drabbles so far: This has to stop. Why should he keep pretending? It was messed up in a way and he'd just get into shit load of trouble if things gets out of hand. "Welcome home, sweetie!" He was too o...

  • The Sob Of A Mermaid
    217 27 1

    Where Mer!Athy wipes out an entire kingdom. ~ Pictures are found on Google.