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  • (DISCONTINUED) Torture And Murder (Kielbasa 2.0)
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    (Yes I broke it) Demons burning down houses and eating tailors... WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE!

  • National Love
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    Enemies to lovers... New Zealand and Australia, constantly fighting yet when it matters they fight for each other. Lovers when it is needed, enemies always. Will they ever overcome this hatred?

  • Smiting and Music (Kielbasa 3.0)
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    Book cover (as usual) done by @TomHiddlestonHair And so the saga continues. This time with someone else. The quote well I hope you already know by the cover. He deserves more appreciation so here we go!!!! There will be a daily spam so deal with it.

  • The Road Of Kielbasa...
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    The Archangel Gabriel came to us with the wise words of chuck... Those words were: "I've got the kielbasa you ordered" Join us on our journey to the road of kielbasa. One goal on our minds: to annoy everyone to the point of insanity... Will we achieve this? Check in daily to find out.

  • Bittersweet Revenge
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    Mera has only one goal on her mind... To kill the demon Crowley and get vendetta. Will she succeed? Read to find out... Enemies to lovers- Cover done by: @loki_andpeggy