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  • CTOP (Cartoon Tournament of Power)
    1.7K 36 9

    So do you all remember the Tournament of Power which happened in the anime Dragon Ball Super? Imagine the same type if tournament but with some of your favorite childhood cartoons. Imagine Ben 10 squaring off against Starfire or maybe Steven Universe fighting Samurai Jack. Anything is possible here, so come find out w...

  • Becoming
    937K 28.1K 44

    Naruto left Konoha years ago, and comes back years later. At first, people don't recognize him, which pleases, yet disgusts Naruto. But then, Neji and Hinata come along and recognize him immediately. They all soon find Naruto has become extremely strong, perhaps stronger than Sasuke himself. But what happened to Narut...

  • Getting Used to Having a Mommy and Daddy
    61K 909 8

    A girl who is in a happy DDLG relationship must adjust to not just having a Daddy but then having a Mommy as well. (Sexual content. BDSM elements.)