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  • Hero of the Grid Vol. I Issue 1
    23.2K 1.4K 25

    Some people were meant to crawl the surface like worms but she was meant to soar. Born and raised in the sky, Allal Joyce breaks the law of her people and travels to the surface where she discovers that monsters prowl the darkness, soldiers are fighting children, and the man in the middle of it all is dark, mean, and...

  • Famous In Love
    33.8K 393 8

    Rebecca Serle has kindly let me post some inside scoop into what's happening on the LOCKED set. Read the first five chapters of FAMOUS IN LOVE on Wattpad... When seventeen-year-old Paige Townsen gets plucked from obscurity to star in the movie adaptation of a blockbuster book series, her life changes practically over...

  • Six Months Later
    213K 3.5K 12

    Forgetting changed her... Remembering might destroy her. When Chloe fell asleep in study hall, it was the middle of May. When she wakes up, snow is on the ground and she can't remember the last six months of her life. Before, she'd been a mediocre student. Now, she's on track for valedictorian and being recruited by I...

  • Wake (Watersong Series #1)
    143K 2.7K 9

    Check out this exclusive for Wattpad readers – an excerpt from Wake, the first book in the Watersong series by New York Times Bestselling author Amanda Hocking Beautiful. Fearless. Dangerous. Immortal. Strangers in town for the summer, Penn, Thea, and Lexi have caught everyone's attention, including the eye of practic...

  • Absent Spark
    74.6K 4.2K 19

    Grace Shields is always in the shadows. But it was only for her protection. She comes from a long line of superheroes, each assigned with the task of protecting the crime-ridden Cross Lake City and fighting the bad guys. Her older brother, Brooke Shields, currently protects the city. He refuses to let her help, afrai...

  • Masked
    50.8K 2.6K 18

    How are you doing that?" He asked me. His voice sounded like a teenager's, around my age of seventeen years. I blinked, confused. "Doing what?" "The snowstorm. That." He pointed to the swirling flakes of snow around me. "I- I don't know. I thought you were doing it. You're the super here." He looked at me like I was...

  • City of Heroes
    119K 9.2K 24

    What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book? Mackenzie Reyes is totally over the whole superhero thing. She just wants to forget all about the Hero and get back to normal life. But that becomes difficult when a team of new Supers make their way to Vertigo City. They have the cool costumes, the aweso...

    318K 18.9K 29

    What do you do when your life suddenly turns into a comic book? There are people with superpowers flying around, giant monsters attacking downtown, and a secret society determined to take over the world. Mackenzie Reyes never wanted to be a hero but when a cute boy wearing a mask flies up to her window begging for her...

  • STALKING SAPPHIRE (Sapphire Dubois: Book 1)
    2.3M 53.7K 30

    Despite the illusion Sapphire Dubois presents to the rest of the world, she is not just your stereotypical 22-year old Beverly Hills heiress; she hunts serial killers. While her fellow heirs spend their nights with trending celebs and drugs at the hottest club, Sapphire secretly spends hers luring, capturing, and anon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caped Crusaders (Morriston Superheroes #2)
    674K 40.9K 33

    Book 2 of the Morriston Superheroes trilogy. ********** The draft of this story is currently unavailable. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you wish to order a finished copy of the first book in this series, The Supervillain and Me, feel free to visit the links on my profile. I love you all, and thank you for read...

  • The Queen's Army
    162K 3K 6

    In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be.

  • The Little Android
    742K 11.5K 8

    The Little Android is a retelling of The Little Mermaid, set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles by New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer. When android Mech6.0 saves the life of a handsome hardware engineer, her body is destroyed and her mechanics discover a glitch in her programming. Androids aren't not m...

  • The Anthem Force Chronicles
    390K 21.4K 81

    Being a teenager is hard enough. Try balancing friends, school, and crushes all while saving the world on the side. Dante Caslon is just your average, teenage... superhero? She has the mask, she has the codename, and she has the team. There's just one problem: she's missing the powers. In a world where people can lif...

  • The Supervillain and Me (Morriston Superheroes #1)
    1.7M 93.2K 39

    [EXCERPT - FIRST 5 CHAPTERS] THE FULL BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN STORES AND ONLINE! Never trust a guy in spandex. In Abby Hamilton's world, superheroes do more than just stop crime and save cats stuck in trees - they also drink milk straight from the carton and hog the television remote. Abby's older brother mo...

  • Superman Stole My Panties
    4.9M 98.7K 29

    Senior year couldn't be better. Avery Nelson's finally dumped her brain-dead boyfriend, she's taking all easy classes, and she finally has a job working at the local McDonald's. Her life couldn't get any better. But when McDonald's gets robbed by a psycho with a gun to the back of her head, Avery can feel everything f...

  • Sexy Greek God Kidnappers
    10.1M 207K 49

    Being cheated on is the worst feeling ever. When I called my best friend Kyrn and told her what happened between me and Brett, she came over straight away. I always told her that I wished I would find a man that would love me and not just want sex all the time like most guys do. It turns out, that I would be getting...

  • If I Were A Serial Killer...
    15.6K 585 5

    If you were a serial killer... What would be your type? Who would you kill? For revenge? For hatred? For money? Or just for the sheer pleasure of it? One story of a fantasized serial killer... And it will leave you wondering and terrified.