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  • Todoroki Group Chat
    53.8K 2.1K 27

    We are running low on these, don't judge me-

  • Why???? (Bnha chatfic) (also now kinda a one shot book)
    41.6K 921 30

    Aizawa makes a group chat bla bla bla bla anyway someone also gets mirdered and replaced The bakudeku won't last long but tododeku will become the main ship

  • my hero academia chatroom
    27.4K 477 27

    this is just a chatroom that I think would happen if they all had one, fair warning I feel like they all would show true colors and be on crack constantly also I threw in my own character who makes everything twice as hectic

  • Class 1A Chat/fanfic!
    347K 11.2K 95

    Please dont skip past the first page, it has all the details you need to know. Basically it's just a Class 1A chatfic (with a few exceptions of course). This will indeed include a secretly depressed Izuku, as usual in my fanfics. This also features the rare pair of IidaDeku! This is my first time writing a chatfic so...

  • BNHA Reacts to the Multiverse + 1A Shenanigans
    364K 3K 74

    the characters of BNHA have been summoned by me, H-Man, to watch the Multiverse because I was bored of watching it by myself. All BNHA characters & every other character & story belong to their respective owners.

  • Class 1-Gay Problems (Bnha chatfic) (DISCONTINUED)
    94.8K 2.2K 21

    Izuku invites everyone in class 1-A to a groupchat and M*neta gets kicked out of UA leaving Shinsou to replace him. Shenanigans ensues from there. Ships: BakuDeku (and hinting at BakuDekuTodo), Momojirou, Kamishinsou, Shoji x Tokoyami, hinting at Mina x Hagakure, TsuChako, also possibly Inasa x Todo, and Mei x Iida