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  • So This is Love (Sequel to Tale as Old As Time)
    60.8K 1.6K 27

    So This Is The Miracle... That I've Been Dreaming Of... So This Is Love ** Sequel To 'Tale as Old as Time' ** Genesis and Dana finally express their feelings for each other Things should be easy for them...shouldn't they? Wrong! Things have only JUST started getting hard for the two of them Rea...

  • Tale as Old As time - A Dana Vaughns Love Story
    78.9K 1.8K 24

    What if IM5 wasn't named IM5? What if there was a sixth member? A Girl member? And what if it just so happens that she's head over heels for one of the guys? This is the story of Genesis A 16 year old girl The Only girl in Im5 ... or should I say IM6 in this ocassion This is the story of how the down to Earth...

  • TAKE IT EAZY • Vallyk Pena
    83.7K 1.8K 27

    Its just all about a random girl and ended up in a group chat from unknown numbers, and she knew them but didn't act it out, they went to playlist and saw Vallyk and they find more interest into each others