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  • Jaded Bunny (BNHAxFive Nights at Freddie's Crossover)
    228K 7.9K 39

    A BNHA/FNAF XOver..... So basically..... This is an AU.... And I suck at summaries.... So please just read it.... I really don't know what to say...😅😅😅

  • Izuku Afton
    21.5K 581 5

    Our beloved Deku is not a Midoriya, but is a part of the most weird family to ever live on this weird ass fucking planet. You guessed it, the Aftons. The second eldest son of The Purple Guy and Clara Afton. (In this story The Purple guy is gonna be William Afton, cause I think that the real Purple Guy's name is Vincen...

  • purple guy x mike
    32.3K 439 8

    WARNING:there's probably gonna be a lot of smut in this story so it you dont like that stuff don't waste your time here.

  • ♡Mine~♡ (Purple guy x Mike)
    3.5K 52 1

    WARNING:this story has yaoi (boy x boy) if you don't like things like this i recommend you to not read it....+ it has sex,bad language,and a couple more things. Continue at your own risk......andddd a lot of Smut

  • Mike X Vincent
    4.6K 76 5

    on going Vincent x Mike fic

  • {Mike X Purple Guy/Vincent}
    11.2K 180 9

    it's Summer. Mike and purple guy are working together, Mike expected bad things because well... Vince was a murder... but as they worked together, Mike had a good time... well maybe a bit too good...

  • some FNaF things
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    this is my first book so why not make something for fun this will contain ships, you may not like them, but I do There won't really be smut more fluff but in the future they're will be thoughts that are kinda dirty Soo yeah ALSO ANGST

  • Just a Mouse
    758 30 1

    Funtime Freddy is easily agitated by sound. It's always up to Bon-bon to calm him when he hears things late at night. Tonight is no exception. ~ this is my first fanfic that i'm posting online sooo it's probably pretty bad lol i hope it's somewhat enjoyable for some people who happen to read this anyway. btw it isn't...

  • A Brother's Sorrow (adopted from @Eris345)
    61.8K 1.3K 62

    So anyway I adopted this story from @Eris345 who wrote the original story. Please check it out it was pretty good. I'm going to tweak it to fit more of a darker theme. Chris (the crying child) wakes up after a week in comatose to find that his older brother Michael attempted suicide. Yeah that's about it.

  • Maybe You're Not so Bad - William and Michael Afton (FNAF AU)
    40.7K 1K 48

    Art is drawn by me. Parts of rp are by @smartieanimationyt. TW!! theres a bunch of gore, mention of physical and emotional abuse, blood, gorey detailed descriptions, mention of mental illness here and there, as well as emotional manipulation. NOT A SMUT OR SHIP BOOK LMAOOO- please dont comment about shipping them tha...

  • William x Michael
    1.3K 13 4

    If you don't like ship then don't click on it. William:38 Clara:37 Elizabeth:11 Chris:6 Michael:15 Created by me. (the picture above)