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  • Going Rogue ► Miraculous
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    What happens when rumours aren't just rumours? What if Ladybug really went rogue? ---------------------------------- Don't read it if you don't want to be confused! My edit of the cover. Don't steal it. Miraculous characters don't belong to me, they belong to their rightful owners!

  • down to earth - miraculous au
    102K 5.9K 20

    god falling for a human? or human falling for a god? -------------------------- Not a copy of Percy Jackson, but if there's anything that's simillar, all copyrights go to Rick Riordan. I only read first two books. Excuse my bad attempt at photoshopping and please don't steal the cover.

  • Soulmates → miraculous
    2.2M 75.1K 18

    {THE STORY GOES FROM 1 TO 10 IN FIVE SECONDS. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA} "Hey Marinette? Who's your soulmate?" "Chat Noir." A world where, you get a sign anywhere on your body, which represents something your other half likes to do. #125 in Fanfiction - 29th December 2017 -------- DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the...

  • All The Things She Feels
    14.2K 344 14

    The cold night air made Marinette shiver and cuddle into the red scarf that wrapped around her neck. She looked at the bright lights of Paris, of her city. A city of love. A city of light and happiness. Yet she had none. She clenched the charm Adrien had given her what felt like so long ago. He was all that was left...

  • Blue Peacock (UP FOR ADOPTION!)
    469 36 5

    In the finale of the successful "All the Things She Feels" series, players have switched sides. With Ladybug missing for the second time since Marinette's akumatization, Chat Noir is left to defend Paris on his own, the other kwamis missing. On the other hand, Gabriel can taste victory on his tongue. With the ladybug...

  • I've Lost Myself | Completed Story!!
    141K 3.8K 39

    TW: If you are mentally ill (like I am) this book may not be healthy for you. Make sure to check the ⚠️Warning ⚠️ page for triggers. Marinette has changed. Her friend is now her bully, her crush turns her down, and being the hero of Paris isn't what it used to be. She starts questioning who she is, and loses herself...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rescue Ladybug
    21K 644 14

    Marinette can't stop thinking about what happened when Chat Noir becomes Chat Blanc. Worried about reapeating the future she takes the dangerous path to to prevent it. Her self sacrifice and heroism however will lead to a darker path and only Chat Noir can save her. Also check Start over Before the Miraculous 🌠 who...

  • Just Fine
    156K 4.9K 31

    *under editing* WARNING. THIS WILL GET EMOTIONAL. TALK OF DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE. She didn't expect senior year to be easy. No one did. But no one went through what she did. The things they put her through......Depression takes over. How could she save Paris, when she couldn't save herself? No one knows what she reall...

  • When it Rains (A Miraculous Ladybug au)
    111K 3.9K 41

    *Under Editing* Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a 17 year old. This is the year she finally graduates, the year she turns 18. Like others, like you're supposed to, you receive a sign on your 18th birthday. Like an after-birth birthmark. Everybody gets a certain element. Earth, water, fire, or air. These signs tell people wh...

  • white nightmares-mlb-
    77.4K 1.9K 21

    Marinette can't get Chat Blanc out of her head, and of course not in the good way. And Adrien being desperate to help his "Just a friend" will do anything to make sure she is happy again. (COMPLETE) (MARICHAT)

  • Pretend Love [COMPLETED]
    41.6K 828 17

    "It's just a pretend, Marinette. Did you really think that I am serious with you?" --- This story is messed up from what I can remember. Read at your own risk.

  • Adrienette: An Arranged Marriage
    52.6K 759 21

    {Edit: Please don't read this ahaha} This is my first story, I'm not that great at descriptions so bear with me. (This story does not include ladybug or cat noir) Marinette is now 20 years old. She has pursued her dream and is now a fashion designer with her own line {Marinette Originals}. Adrien is now 21 and is stil...

  • Meet Me At Midnight
    23.7K 532 15

    This is a Miraculous AU, where LadyBug and ChatNoir don't exist as superheroes, but gamer-tags in an online chat room. Marinette acts as a mix of both her and Ladybug, she's more confident. Adrien, the same, he makes puns and is a little flirty. It's Marinette's first year of high school. She's meeting new friends an...

  • Betrayed.
    3.3K 249 34

    After Ladybug's rejection, Chat noir's heart had been for another cute girl, bring named, Marinette Dupain-cheng. But when chat noir suddenly turns against ladybug, what would happen? Read to see. If you are reading this on any other platform other than Wattpad, you are very likely to be at risk of a malware attack. I...

  • Adrienette arranged marriage
    63.1K 1.4K 43

    COMPLETED. Marinette Dupen-cheng, a 20 year old young adult, has to get a job to save her parent's bakery. as to her talent, she tries a particular job interview, but under one condition she'll be able to do it. will she do it? to save the bakery? WARNING - No ladybug and chat noir. Adrien doesn...

  • °· "Dear Princess," ·°
    38.6K 976 8

    On a day to day basis, she receives letters from a criminal- she knows he's watching her. And he knows he loves her.

  • Love Conquers All [COMPLETED] ✔︎
    228K 6.6K 30

    Marinette chuckled, her eyes averting from the charm Adrien held in his hands to his emerald green piercing eyes, "I cannot believe you still carry that around." A bittersweet smile crossed the blond's face as he nodded his head at the blue and yellow charm that was neatly sitting in the palm of Marinette's hand, "Nei...