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  • the diaries of palestine.
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    The diaries of Palestine is a book written by me about different stories that happened to the Palestinians throughout the years as the war went on. I also wrote a few poems and added them to the book, hope you enjoy them 💕 As one of them, I decided to tell their story since it's my responsibility as a Palestinian to...

  • Finding Islam
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    -- Life works in mysterious ways. King Patterson never really thought about life in depth. He did not care much for his future. He did not plan. There was no use. He would be six feet under today, tomorrow or the day after that. He took each day as it came, but never took them seriously. That was until fate took him...

  • Story of Prophet Idrees (A.S)☑
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    Story of Prophet Idrees(a.s)

  • Islamic Stories
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    Highest Rank #40 In Religious Would love people to comment, Vote, give any suggestions on things I could add to this book. Xxx Just let me know your alive I guess. :))) Just a few Beautiful Islamic stories with messages to pass on. FROM THIS SITE: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE STOR...

  • Quotes Of Maula Ali (r. A)
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    #1 nabi. (3 /10/2018 #1 nabi. (12/8/2018) #1 thoughts (10/8/2018) #1 nabi. (9/8/2018) Quotes of maula Ali (a.s) A thought which can change your life!! A thought which Can help u in every ups and downs A thought which have the ability of every things Thoughts which can help u for being a better Mu...