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  • Love Game | Yandere Kokichi x Reader x Yandere K1-B0
    239K 6.9K 36

    ➽─❥ "Ahah! Then I guess the game is on." "...What game...?" "Whoever gets Y/Oc is victorious." "...Sure. Game on then." ➽─❥ Not as if you were a weeb or anything...however...expectations for a new semester at a Japanese school were slightly too high. It's your first official day being a transfer to an actual Japanese...

  • Ulitmate Yandere (Yandere!Rantaro Amami X Reader)(DanganronpaV3)
    6.3K 79 2

    Rantaro, the ultimate Big Brother who cares for his little sister. As the ultimate Big Brother, he is responsible for taking care of his little sister and making sure she is safe even if he have to kill someone to keep her safe.... Note I don't own the cover pic so give credit to the author also I don't own danganronp...

  • {Discontinued} "Valentine's Day" | Yandere Shuichi Saihara x Reader | Rewrite
    7.8K 263 13

    You enrolled in Hope's Peak College Program as the Ultimate Forensics Scientist, expecting that you would take challenging classes and be able to sharpen the skills of your talent and maybe even make friends along the way if your were lucky. Things were perfectly fine at first... until he grew attached to you. Obsesse...

  • My Insane Love Story (Yandere!Shuichi X Reader X Yandere!Kokichi)
    209K 6K 30

    You will be mine... Mine and mine alone... Forever... And ever... You'll never escape... From my love... Ever... *** What is love? Is it an emotion? A feeling that acts upon itself? A power unseen to mankind? Maybe a desire? To answer this question, it can be all of those things. But in some cases, it can be something...

  • This Is Madness (Yandere! Nagito X Reader)
    41.4K 915 9

    Nagito, what was it about him that made him like (Y/N), he always run off, forgetting to say that he likes he. After he's know the people that like her, he'll soon kill his rivals, before he kill everyone, that aren't friends of his. It's all madness, but to him, it's like a game, a game of killing.

  • The Matchmaker (Yandere Nagito Komaeda x Reader)
    9.4K 214 5

    Hey Here's a's Going to be Cringe and probably Bad Writing Anyways ______________ Y/N The Ultimate Matchmaker Like In the Game Y/N Slowly Opened her eyes To See the Blue Sky But What Caught her attention was a Boy with a messy Pinkish White Hair ......What _>) The Danganronpa Characters Does not belong...

  • Yandere Danganronpa one shots
    123K 928 9

    {Request closed} Rules: you may suggest more then one if I allow 𝚒𝚝. specifies what gender and what character please put what game have fun duh (ノ°∀°)ノ⌒・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆ >TEMPORARY HIATUS<

  • Kokichi's New Obsession {Yandere Kokichi x Reader} **G/RE WARNING**
    24.1K 503 10

    So this story is basically about Kokichi falling in love with you, but he is a yandere! OH NO! Also, I made this for a friend so I hope she likes it. And I'm sorry if this starts out the same as the "Shuichi x Reader" stories, like, y' know... "You woke up in the morning" blah blah... And I'm not sure if this will ha...

  • A Detective's Case | Yandere Shuichi x Reader
    351K 10.9K 38

    ➽─❥ "Oooh, Shuichi likes someone!" "W-What?! No...We're just fact, we've only met today!" "So? That means love at first sight!" ➽─❥ It's your first year going to Hope's Peak, the best school around the whole world. They only select the best students, and somehow, you got in. You ran into a young boy named...

  • Crush | Yandere Shuichi x Reader x Yandere Kokichi
    19.2K 615 7

    ➽─❥ "Y/Oc and I are totally more friends...More than that...We're...we're future lovers! And I'll make sure of it." ➽─❥ Oh how they've tried to gain your attention for years on end. You just never understood how childhood friendship turned into an appetite...a crush. You were a per...