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  • Australia » a.i
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    This is Australia...where the unpredictable happens. To the wonderful @bonnaroo ❤ Copyrights 2015 © Eva Night

  • Kids in the Dark ✘ ashton au (completed)
    94.1K 4.7K 38

    "You're now one of us love. How does it feel?" "I feel the sudden urge to pee my pants." Within which, a girl named Elizabeth finds love, adventure and heartbreak. Inspired by the Atl song/vid "kids in the dark"

  • Pool Boy ≫ A.I
    22.3K 808 21

    "I'm Ashton your new pool boy. (not updating until i get them votes yo, sorry but i need the feedback if im gonna finish this book. i swear its almost done!)

  • Naked // a.i
    36K 2.5K 23

    The television show 'Naked and Afraid' is known for many things. It is known for throwing its contestants into the most exotic and dangerous locations in the world, for its ability to test its contestants survival skills to the max, and for scaring the contestants shitless, but it is NOT known for having its contestan...

  • Drummerboy17 || a.i
    107K 6.1K 26

    "In spite of real distance we'll always be close." Copyright 2014 by trafficashton

  • Are You Awake?
    3.2M 95.4K 83

    ➳ [a.i.] // he's dangerous, she just doesn't know it.

  • Sex Education • Ashton Irwin
    8.1M 225K 39

    "Alright, you horny little shits, let's talk about sex,"

  • savior
    505K 23.4K 72

    in which a girl fears for her life while trying to save his. 2014 © aeryncole

  • Affection // irwin
    291K 13.8K 46

    "I heard you get butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love, or have a crush on someone. I've never experienced it so I didn't know what it meant, until now. My stomach is fluttering and my heart is not beating at normal rate. How did this happen so fast?" - When Joselyn moves to Sydney, she has to leave every...