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  • The Elysium [ON HOLD]
    9.4K 1.6K 22

    "Congratulations, Rachael Hills," Mark says, with an uncanny - almost evil - grin on his face, "You have just successfully died." ********** 16 year old Rachael Hills, a regular B-grade high school-er is met with a tragic accident on the eve of 2nd November at exactly 13 minutes and 9 seconds past eight. That's it, r...

  • Dead and Not Buried
    17.2M 569K 33

    Leah Preston was a normal 17 year old girl, until she wakes up and finds herself staring at her own lifeless body. She has no idea what happened to her or how she died, and the only person who can see her is her sworn enemy Jared. Neither of them have a choice, they must put their differences aside in order to find...