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  • Spoilers : The Abandonned Empress
    502K 4.6K 50

    ○-> SPOILERS ◇-> ANALYSIS ▪ FIRST TL LONG, DETAILED SPOILERS ON : ○ Background of the parents generation (Tia's Mother...) ○ What REALLY happened during the first timeline from an objective pov ○ Ruve's true feelings for Tia in 1st TL ○ What happened to Ruve and Ji-Eun after Tia's execution in the first timeline ◇...

  • Tyrant Empress {Abandoned Empress X WMMAP X Callisto Regulus }
    14.4K 511 9

    A female General reincarnates into the Manga "ABANDONED EMPRESS" but in the first time line...what will she do ?

  • Zyczenia
    13.2K 683 18

    [The Abandoned Empress Fanfiction] Year 965 of the Castina Imperial Calendar. 4 months have passed since the royal marriage between Aristia la Monique and Ruveliss Kamaluddin Shana Castina took place. Carsein de Rass, who is still trying to get over his feelings for the lady with silver hair, went to the Kingdom of L...

  • The Abandoned Empress: A Princess's Revenge
    54K 1.1K 40

    Set after Aristia's public execution, A determined princess swore to avenge her best friend's death by investigating the former queen's accusation and somehow, dealing her problematic adopted brother, her reluctant marriage and the wickedness of the Aristocrat Faction. Disclaimer: I do not own The Abandoned Empress M...

    Completed   Mature