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  • Helium // DNF //
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    Tbhyourelame/ heytherestilinskis Sequel to Heatwaves On AO3 - Helium -

  • Dream Smp Oneshots
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    The description is literally the title..... Honestly I have no idea what I'm doing If any CCs are uncomfortable with fan fiction I will take down the chapters with them in it and possibly the book More info in the first chapter ⚠There may be triggering content, I will list as many triggers as I can in the beginning o...

  • MCYT oneshots
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    It's just me goofing around with short story ideas because a whole book is a lot to be committed to. It's all of our faves from the dream SMP. I do not ship the minors because it makes them uncomfortable, I may add some ships in here to my later entries once i find out who is comfortable with what. I prefer reading an...

  • dream smp angst one-shots || sleepy bois inc
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    hello! the characters included in this are tommyinnit, wilbur soot, technoblade, ranboo, tubbo, philza and occasionally some others if i get any ideas. ───── cover by @sunaway_ on twt! pmcyt do not interact. lowercase intented swearing! no smut, no shipping

  • tubbo x ranboo oneshots
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    there one-shots what else you think no lemon