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  • Crumpled Paper (One-Shot)
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    Ano ba ginagawa ninyo pagnakakakita kayo ng lukot na papel? Sempre Itatapon niyo dibaa? Aminin niyo te? Pero paano pag yung lukot na papel na 'yun ay doon pala nakalagay ang feelings ng taong mahal niyo? Oh itatapon niyo pa ba? ||By: HannahJusthine||

  • 월광 (Moonlight) [Baekyeon Fanfic] Discontinued
    179K 7.1K 67

    "As the night falls You approach me quietly Removing the darkness to wake me from my sleep and leaving me through the open window. Have you lost your way again, The night air is still cold... I can't leave you alone from a distance I follow you..." Kwon Yonghi is a 16 year old girl moving to Bucheon and attending the...

  • N.E.R.D turns to a CAMPUS PRINCESS (Soon to be Published under LIB)
    8.2M 93K 47

    This story is already edited. Thank you for reading :)