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  • How To Rule ✅COMPLETE
    2.6K 1.6K 24

    When Rin imagined meeting her mate she did not expect their first meeting to be of him wounded and kneeling in her father's throne room slowly dying. What was more shocking was how she healed him without a second thought because she couldn't bear his pain and even going as far as kissing him slightly forgetting everyo...

  • The Secret Of Vixen Manor
    2.3K 1.1K 9

    Aphrodite Vixen lost half of her childhood memory and become less human. Blood seems usual in her daily life instead of hanging out with friends. No one dares to go near the Vixen Manor because of the amount of death that happen there until Carver unties the knot one by one to fulfil his revenge after the death of Rav...

  • Unhealthy Coping Mechanism
    7.3K 2.3K 32

    Stay-at-home mom Harriet has just about had it. As her husband puts in more and more hours at the office, she's stuck with six-year-old Sam and the looming insanity of the holiday season. Along with the usual event planning panic, fall brings constant reminders of her father's failing health and the limited time they...