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  • The Dekomori Files (Chuunibyou/ Yuri)
    759 13 1

    From her chuunibyou perspective, Dekomori revisits the events of the anime, reflecting on her feelings for Rikka as she and Yuuta become closer. Later, Dekomori realizes her feelings for Nibutani and evaluates their relationship of rivalry and love. Dekomori x Rikka / Dekomori x Nibutani. Yuri, shoujou ai.

  • Share (🤎Shinae💛) (One-shot)
    96 4 1

    Since Sanae's house burnt down, she has no place to live. Or so she thought. The blonde and her parents have to live at a certain someone's house. Hm... wonder who it could be? Can they learn to share? #turtleteam 🐢

  • The differences between us
    11.4K 305 22

    This is a Nibutani x Dekomori fanfic

  • Milk || DekomorixNibutani
    1.1K 24 2

    It all started with a small, twin-tailed blonde girl made it apparent that she hated milk to a taller red-head.

  • Nibutani x Dekomori Oneshots
    1.7K 43 5

    These are oneshots I've made of a ship nobody talks about anymore... I really love this ship and I hope there is someone who will enjoy these. Enjoy!