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  • Backbone
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    This story is about a man who respected few and feared many, and so in turn, was respected by few and feared by fewer than he hoped. //a countryhumans a/b/o story. a rewrite of straw and shattered spine. cover by @/PseudoMoron on twitter, and on wattpad.//

  • Self Indulgence ((Countryhumans Oneshots))
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    I'm not the author you're looking for. I own all content posted. Cover art is mine. I do not take requests.

  • I am not an Omega! (Thirdunion)
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    When Soviet was told at 12 that he was an Omega, nobody believed it, not even his own father. It had to be a mistake of course, he was taller than his friends, stronger, more confident and a leader by nature. Years later, a new student enters the school, and suddenly Soviet's world begins to shake. New feelings, new...

  • [TRUCE] Countryhumans - Soviet Union x Third Reich
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    At the end of WWII, 1945, Third Reich managed to survive throughout the war, along with the rest of the Allies. Now, being monitored by the mighty USSR, will their horrid and toxic relationship turn into something more... uplifting? Maybe something else. This will need time with the rest of the opposite sides still cl...

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    im trash and this is shit eyyyyyyyyy I'm shroom and here are my oneshots! most of them are written late at night when my brain isn't working properly, but that's ok

  • | |• Countryhumans One-Shots •| |
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    Edit 5/11/2020 One thing I'll have to warn here is I hate Rusame. I don't care if you like it but this is my book so please respect my decision when I say Rusame will not be tolerated. So if you're looking for that, you're reading the wrong book. I will also be deleting Rusame comments. ~~~ cuz yeah This was rushed so...

  • countryhumans SmUt(Complete/Discontinued)
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    just as you heard some countries gonna bOnE 18+ book clearly. Cover is by yours truly :)

    Completed   Mature