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  • Watty Dreams Book Club 2021
    1.3K 95 12

    This is a book club specifically created for 2021 Wattys entries. We aim to help you make your entry the best it can be through peer review and feedback.

  • Flexible Book Club
    818 63 9

    If you're looking to join a tight-knit group of writers wanting to support each other's stories and help each other grow and improve, check out FBC! The goal is to get feedback on your whole book instead of just a few chapters. Every week you and your partners will read new chapters of each other's books and leave com...

  • FirefliesBookClub
    2.1K 231 22

    Fireflies Book Club ~*~ Come Join Us! ~*~ {We're Open} No more spots left for Group One {{Paired Partners}}!!! {{Will have to go on the Wait List}} Nine more vacant spots left for Group Two {{Group Readings}}!!! Better Hurry!!! Why should you join the Fireflies Book Club? Good question. Let me explain why you should...

  • The Stardust Community | READ FOR READ BOOK CLUB
    416 41 5

    This book club is a Read for Read stuff If you want more reads and comments on your books, do give it a chance. Each week there will be a task of reading books given to you as a form of an assignment. If you want your book to flourish you have to make a deal to help others books flourish too !

  • White Tigress Bookclub (open)
    5.5K 440 31

    join to gain more readers and commenters on your story