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  • Knowing Too Much Can Get You Hurt {Larry Stylinson AU}
    11.2K 214 19

    {Book 2} A year has gone by since Louis and Harry have admitted their love for each other. After four months of dating, Louis decided it was fine for Harry to move in with him and the girls. Fast forward another six months, and Harry decides its fine to send in the audition forms for Louis. Audition forms, for, well...

  • These Secrets Hurt Like Hell {Larry Stylinson AU}
    42.6K 764 18

    {Book 1} Louis Tomlinson had gotten custody of his 2 sisters, Lottie and Fizzy. He assumed it'd be an easy job. He had also assumed it'd be even easier with his new mate, Harry Styles, helping him out. Holmes Chapel is a very small town. So it's easy for Louis to spot a new face there, even if it's not very new. Harry...