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  • Probability {Kento Nanami}
    2.1K 207 19

    Kento was a sorcerer and he fucking hated his job. So he quit and became a salaryman working for a company that only cared about numbers on a page. And he fucking hated it. If he was going to hate both jobs just as much then Kento figures that he might as well do some good in the process, so he quits and goes back to...

  • Pinball Wizard
    1.2K 217 36

    Retro Haven, an 80s themed arcade, is one of the hottest local hangouts in Tokyo. With an air of nostalgia for anyone born to the wrong time, it's the only place worth going. When his best friend Fushiguro Megumi starts work at one of the counters of course Itadori has to come check it out. Its there that he stumbles...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Dolls {Junpei Yoshino}
    26.4K 1.6K 54

    Life for Inumaki Shion has always been a quiet affair, through no choice of hers. Born out of wedlock between two jujutsu sorcerers, Shion is quietly hidden away by her mother. The only glimpse into the life her mother led before Shion's birth comes in the form of her father's visits. They're few and far between thank...