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  • Divine Fear - The Chronicles of the Gods
    62 14 3

    In a world where the gods bless humanity and ancient mythical creatures are omnipresent, Yaona is about to receive her divine blessing. But due to a great, centuries-long war and deep-rooted family secrets, Yaona has to face her destiny and events come to a head. Yaona must now decide which path she wants to take. The...

  • Loved You Once
    251 25 8

    "I loved you once, I hope that's enough for you to stop and start again without me." ❗BOOK COVER NOT MINE❗ ㅡ all credits will be given.

    815 86 17

    After Vaipoe's parents passed away, she takes a DNA test to find out who her biological parents are. Startled and astonished by the results, she gets swept up into a life of riches, extravagance and opulence, with siblings that know little about her. Will she be able to trust them and overcome her distasteful and dist...

  • Ravenswynd Legends
    163 13 8

    There's a legend...about a party...hosted by vampires. An event so exclusive - the invitation is by word of mouth - with strict rules that must-be-followed. So what happens when your best friend is invited and practically begs you to go along with her? You go, of course! Stepping over the edge of darkness and deep int...

  • The sanctuary of Magicae #2 [ENGLISH]
    28 11 19

    The Heroes find themselves in the Enchanted Forest without knowing what happened. Emma Swan, the Savior is nowhere to be found. Back in Storybrooke, the Heroes search for a way to find their memories, all of them looking for the truth. Who cast the Dark Curse? Where is the sanctuary of Magicae? What happened in the E...

  • bloody queen
    152 73 22

    it is something that if you take a rose at midnight and say give me a wish for a rose, a woman will appear but your precious thing will be taken.

  • Practically Magic
    76 26 7

    A RETELLING OF PRACTICAL MAGIC. A 300-year-old family curse. A teenage witch with a broken heart. And a lone wolf determined to solve a missing person's case. *** For three hundred years, a witch family has endured a curse: any man an Owens girl dares to love will die. And over the years this family hex has played o...

  • Monsters?
    341 43 11

    Monsters killed his parents. Monsters named him Five. And tossed him aside once they were through with him. Tossed in another world. Five searches for a way back to get revenge. Follow Five in his journey as he discovers the thin line between man and monster. Updates weekly

  • Malaya | ellajasf
    516 310 61

    Pinagtagpo tayo ulit ng tadhana. Isa na ba itong tanda na para talaga tayo sa isa't isa o binubuo lamang natin ulit ang isa't isa para sa tamang tao na nakalaan para sa atin?

  • Her heart is One, Yet I am Two
    953 61 26

    Cassandra had lovers, where one couldn't live without the other. A puppy love turned deadly. *** Thirteen years old Cassandra Walkers, depressed and withered from the pain inflicted by the people she trusted moved to a new town and a new house, accompanied by a mother and father whom she...

  • A Life Cycle Reborn A Time Travel Novel
    871 64 12

    Robin's life was normal, average, basically it was what was expected and what others would consider fine. Robin and Kyle were married, they both had good jobs, owned a house together and their life was good. For Robin, she couldn't say what it was exactly that she wanted to change with her nearly perfect way of living...

  • The Midnight Beast
    206 48 12

    "You are the midnight's beast when you wear that crown." Irene is turning her world upside down. She's getting away from her uncle's family for a job in a big company in the countryside, leaving the bustling populated city behind. Exhausted, she wants to have a peaceful countryside life as she gets away from her aunt...

  • The Curse Breaker
    61 12 12

    In a world 'blessed' with magic, the citizens of the village of Eden praise the gods for giving it to them. After the death of his parents, Orymir Saralith believes magic is a disease he must rid the world of. A group of warriors known as the Castaways, who've gone rogue and were banished for abusing the powers magic...

  • Liradaire ♔ On Hold Until 7/31
    538 120 22

    In the Realm of Destiny, status means everything. Naturally, Amira wants the best she can have. For an Outsider like Preston, just stepping foot onto the prized realm is nothing more than a dream. When deceit and chaos creep through the land, for the first time, nobody knows who to blame. Confusion brings the perfect...

  • Elemental Dragons
    287 87 20

    A sharp claw hooked me away and threw me towards the boiling hot fire. My life flashed before my eyes. My emerald green met purplish red. Solarflares. Him or me.

  • Rise of the Night Witch
    865 140 19

    Demons, vampires, witchcraft, neglect, and abandonment; Marissa Carter suffers from problems others don't see. Her father does not, nor do her occult-loving classmates Isa and Simon. Everything changes once the Veil breaks. Otherworlders who were previously forced to hide invade the human realm. Those horrors range fr...

  • Switcheroo
    757 63 44

    Princess Olivia and her bestfriend and personal advisor Meredith are totally opposite in nature. Olivia likes to have fun and Meredith is rather the strict type. During a royal party a magician tests a new spell he created called switcheroo on Olivia and Meredith causing them to switch bodies upon the insistence of O...

  • Alpha Dylan
    4.3M 123K 52

    "We have a feisty one," he mumbled, tracing kisses down my neck, settling just above my breasts as he admired them, licking his lips. "She said no!" someone growled, the voice sending a shiver down my spine. Suddenly, the man was ripped off of me and I gasped as he was punched, his lifeless body falling to the floor a...

  • Akashic - Cradle of Evolution
    426 105 70

    It makes perfect sense! How else can we explain the extraordinary disparity between human and primate evolutions? This was what archaeologist Bryan Stewart believed when he sought the cradle of the human race. Little did he expect his curiosity to set off a world event that would eventually flip the page and write or...

  • It Means Silver
    2.2K 758 42

    "I should probably explain who she was. Well, in one word, perfect. Her name was 'Argenta Silva'. At the mention of that name, I smiled involuntarily, but it wasn't a hearty smile. It was a sad one. Her name brought back millions of memories. Memories that would be destroyed, in a matter of minutes. ...

  • WHO-The Tale of Mrs. Anonymous
    147 73 21

    As a theft takes place at Lyric's mother-in-law's place, she must reopen the horrific events of the past and to find the hooded thief. But with spies in and out, the case takes a mysterious turn when someone jeopardizes their traps and all the clues become undependable and Lyric must face her old enemy from the past...

    559 76 34

    "One thing that most definitely hasn't changed is the power of those bright hazel eyes to reduce me to a puddle of mush. And I can't help but think of the last time I was looking into them, right after he kissed me and walked away 15 years ago. Suddenly all I can think about is how much I want him to kiss me again an...

    Completed   Mature
  • UNDERCOVER on the TITANIC (book 1)
    228 89 47

    Mom and Dad have disappeared in China and my Uncle Dunc is a talking, break-dancing Canada goose. Time Agent Triple Oh has been assigned to protect me from Murga and I am stuck with my grumpy Grandma. What else could go wrong? Well, my new school has a quantum computer with really, real virtual reality and I am st...

  • The Martial Eclipse
    1.1K 402 25

    A dystopian world masking as the perfect utopia, two different lives brought together by a tragedy. Aegis is a slave, with no memory of most of his life. Out of sheer luck he finds a man who introduces him to his lineage. Forging memories and allies, he must decide his role and how to play it. Ayame, meanwhile, is a...

  • Xavier
    1.9K 479 30

    Sa taong 1850, sa bayan ng San Fernando kung saan naroroon ang pamilyang nagtataglay ng nakatagong sumpa na siyang gumagambala sa bawat tao kapag sumilay na ang kabilugan ng buwan. Naroroon ang kanilang kakaibang lakas at angking kakayahan na hindi nakakaya ng isang ordinaryong tao lamang. May mga gustong yakapin na l...

  • The Summer Court
    1.4K 239 65

    **COMPLETED ** The Summer Court is a long-held tradition in faery that allows suitors to come to court in pursuit of a prestigious marriage. In this case, Princess Elsine is the maiden in question as her sickly father, the King, needs her to wed so the kingdom stays in their hands. With the castle grounds being turne...

  • The Blazing Heiress
    5.1K 875 19

    There are no accidental meetings between souls. What would happen when two souls come crashing into each other lives or at the very least crashing into each other's cars? Avni Desai is like snow, beautiful at first glance though cold and pitiful to the touch. She isn't just an appealing and vaguely threatening heiress...

  • In The Game Of Love (Under Editing)
    2.1K 462 58

    America's most unpopular town Roseville suddenly comes into notice because of mysterious deaths in the woods. Emma Smith is a teenager whose best friend was the first victim found by the police. Emma is a brilliant student but becomes a loner when her cousin Cathy goes missing. Suddenly a handsome new student enters i...

  • Crashing into You
    3.2K 221 71

    **FIRST DRAFT COMPLETE, CURRENTLY EDITING** 16-year-old Tristan had a loving and affirming family and community. Until he didn't. When a tragic accident tears his parents out of his life, he's forced to live with his deeply religious relatives. Now he's back in the closet he never thought he'd have to see again. He's...

  • A Samurai's Retainer | Legend of the Bell Flower - Volume 1
    7.9K 745 78

    (Historical romance between mortal woman and immortal prince.) Annie Williamson is a young 18 year-old historian from the modern day who is swept away to Muromachi Japan after a surprise encounter with creatures of myth and legend. There, 500 years ago in the past, she adopts a new name, Aki, and uses her knowledge to...

    Completed   Mature