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  • All That Remains
    430K 28.7K 80

    September 6th, 2013. 7.53 billion people experienced that day differently. For India Traynor, that day becomes the worst day of her life. ******* This is the day that Caleb Anderson rapes her at a high school party. Handsome, charming Caleb, the most popular baseball play...

    Completed   Mature
  • It All Started With A Lie
    2.4M 85.9K 45

    You've got one boy. One girl. One pretty little lie. A perfect relationship. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect girlfriend. The perfect dates. The perfect gifts. And the perfect surprises. That gives you our golden couple of Sunset Westwood High. But what happens when it's all a lie? One boy. One girl who needs desper...

  • Better Than You | ✔️
    4.3M 113K 71

    Logan Pierce and Noah Locke are sworn enemies. Both at the top of their class, holding themselves to the highest standards; both captains of their volleyball teams, Logan as the girls captain, Noah as the boys; and both constantly playing seemingly harmless pranks to get back at one another. Or, at least, they're usua...