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  • My Bad Boy Protector ✔
    3.4M 109K 52

    "He looked at me as if I was the only star in the dark night sky. And kissed me as if I was the air that filled his lungs. I loved him like I didn't to myself. He was my everything." [Description] In which an innocent and bullied girl is being abused by her stepmother and the returning bad boy can't help but notice he...

  • Tutoring My Ex
    234K 8.3K 34

    "Your mouth may say you hate me," he whispered, "But your hands...they say otherwise." His eyebrows raised pointedly at my touch on his chest, face wearing a smug and condescending look. "Shit." ••• When pessimistic, straight-A high school student Della Anderson finally succeeds in getting over a messy break up, Luca...

  • The Complex Art of Rosie
    629K 29.6K 49

    Rosie, an introvert whose presence feels like serenity to Anthony. Two people with completely different natures, from two different worlds find themselves consumed by one other. Rosie finally feels seen, Anthony finally realizes what magic feels like. While they keep being pulled towards each other like magnets, they...

  • The Quirky Tale of April Hale (Quirky Series #1)
    51.6M 1.5M 64

    Self-proclaimed weirdo April Hale and the notorious troublemaker Ryder Black have been living side by side for more than ten years. Both never attempted to communicate with each other, but on the night Ryder Black is thrown out by his own father, he asks her a question that might change both of their lives: "March...

  • Arc-en-ciel
    1.5M 63.2K 47

    "So responsive," he says hoarsely against my lips, as he takes my bottom lip between his teeth. "That's my good girl." ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ Arc-en-ciel(n.): Rainbow; "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow." Being paired with your polar opposite for a school exchange program, didn't look very promising in the beginning. H...

  • Forbidden Pleasure
    983K 26K 32

    "Now would be a good time to finish me off, don't you think, love?" His minty breath engulfs my senses causing the hairs on my neck to stand up and my heartbeat to quicken. My hold tightens around him as I graze his neck with the dagger. The crimson liquid seeps from his skin and I smirk to myself- the amusement in h...

  • Angels Don't Cry
    777K 23.7K 42

    Valeria Patterson is the IT woman. She has everything: the looks, the brains, and not to mention the countless billions of dollars she owns. She's been grinding to get where she is since the young age of 14 after her parents and uncle are killed in a car crash. Her Aunt Ivy and herself are the only survivors of said e...

    Completed   Mature
  • See You on the Other Side | ✓
    71.6K 3.9K 41

    Adrian Brennan has been well acquainted with death. He lost both of his parents at a young age. His best friend died when he was 11. At the age of seventeen, he lost his grandpa. Now, he's waiting for his own death just to be with his passed relatives. Death is always lingering, causing him to look at life bleakly...

  • Mr. De Santis
    169K 3.7K 30

    "Why do you put up with me?" "Because you are fire... and I've been cold my whole life." ----------------------- Two assassins, one enemy. l'angelo [the angel], Harley Valencia- no one expects the angle to light the world on fire? the ruthless monstrous cold hearted psycho Bitch. Trained since birth, Harley is the b...

  • Southern Boy Charm | ✓
    579K 16.7K 40

    Southern boys are supposed to be charming, right? Wrong. Because when Leighton moves onto her family friend's farm for the summer, she finds that their son, Nick, is anything but charming. Instead, he's one of the rudest people she's ever met, and makes it his life's mission to let her know just how much he hates her...